Party Talk!


Today we’re diving into that most dangerous of places, the writer’s mind. Tell us, writers, what wanders through your head when you’re alone in your car?

Diana Pharoah Francis
Honestly? I’m usually trying to work out thorny plot problems, or coming up with fun scenarios for characters. Occasionally I’ll think about how I would write somebody else’s stuff differently, or what I’d write next in their worlds. Or if I’m reading a book, what I might write going forward for those characters.

John Hartness
My Golden Globe Acceptance Speech. No, I don’t act anymore, and have never had aspirations to do film.

Faith Hunter
Politics. Which I try to *not* think about because it ticks me off so badly.

Misty Massey
Oh, lord, my mind wanders in wild directions when I drive. I might start with something reasonable, like where I’m headed, but soon I’m distracted by what on earth is that guy in the green minivan doing because clearly he learned to drive in Romania, and move on to a better idea for the turning point event of the story I’m working on, which leads to remembering that I need to pick up milk on the way home, until I get where I’m going and it all goes away again.

Melissa Gilbert
The meaning of life, conversations I wish I’d had (or didn’t have), things I want to do, things I haven’t done.

Gail Z Martin
Usually the next section I need to write for the book

Tamsin Silver
Holy shit…I wonder whose car this is! 😉
When I’m on the train I tend to think about storylines or I’m reading history about dead people…for putting into storylines…

Edmund Schubert
I primarily run quadratic equations in my head when I’m alone in the car. I find them very relaxing. I used to think about String Theory, but I developed a severe allergy to string and it started doing a lot of theoretical sneezing.


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