Magical Words Link Roundup 2-9-2017

I’m so proud to share this news!

Anya Martin says, “The easy response is to say horror is especially suited to these times—think of the horror boom which mirrored American hardcore punk in the Reagan ’80s. Or that we need more apocalyptic fiction—make it epic like Stephen King’s The Stand—and more zombies.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Pandora: The World of Avatar will open May 27 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. It, of course, it based on the James Cameron series of films. He also revealed the company plans to open both its yet-to-be-named Star Wars-themed lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2019.

If you’re on the agent hunt, the Knight Agency is looking for writers!

John Hartness, author, publisher and friend – joins the Guardians of the Geekery to talk about his latest projects and upcoming appearances.

Sue Duff thought it would be easy to destroy Earth. Oh, was she naïve.

Whether you love the original material for nostalgia purposes or for specific qualities that only that adaptation can bring, here are five reboots totally worth checking out.

Sometimes a line comes along that is so cringeworthy you wish it had never assaulted your ears. And yet, you kind of have to show some respect — respect for the person who wrote it and respect for the actor who said it while keeping a straight face.

Ellen Datlow has released a call for submissions for an upcoming volume of the Best Horror of the Year series, to include material published in 2017.

Magical Words Link Roundup 2-8-2017

Cooking the Books podcast welcomes Laura Anne Gilman (The Cold Eye) and Mur Lafferty (Six Wakes) for their first episode of 2017.

I Smell Sheep presents The Story Behind the Story: Shadows in the Water by Kory M. Shrum.

If you’re a book lover, changes are you’re a word lover too – or as it’s known, a logophile.

The Huffington Post asked a range of science fiction authors ― some of them new to the genre, others prolific editors of anthologies ― to discuss speculative or fictional solutions to how climate change is discussed (and in some cases ignored) today.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast features Drew Hayes, the author of The Spells, Swords, and Stealth Trilogy, the Super Powereds, and several stand-alone adventures, and host of the Authors & Dragons podcast.

Christopher Robin Milne inspired the young boy of the same name in A A Milne’s iconic children’s stories and, so too did the bucolic setting of the family home serve as the backdrop. The quintessential English country house if there ever was one, is on the market and listed for $3.22M.

The Horror Writers Association is accepting applications for its Scholarship From Hell until March 15. The winner of the scholarship will receive a trip to StokerCon 2017 aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, and participate in the intensive, hands-on workshop environment of “Horror University.”

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Warner Bros., which owns the entire Hanna-Barbera libary, is rebooting the late-1950s character Snagglepuss as “a gay Southern Gothic playwright.”


Magical Words Link Roundup 2-7-2017

So what can you learn about storytelling through a tabletop game? Lots. Here are 5 things author Andrea Judy learned over the years.

Sometimes you want to read a book that’s like a sumptuous feast, rich and decadent, a lengthy, immersive experience. Sometimes you just want a book that goes down like tossing back a bowl of popcorn, handful after handful, until you’re startled to find it gone.

In the second half of the 1920s, swashbuckler films only got grander and more epic. If you can’t give an audience sound, you might as well give them spectacle, and that’s what filmmakers in America and Europe set out to do.

There are few genres in all of entertainment that are more sculpted by the times they are written in than science fiction.

When it was announced that a Black Lightning television series was in development at Fox with Greg Berlanti producing, fans were excited.

Here’s the Stranger Things season two Super Bowl commercial, which also announced a Halloween premiere.

Amazon has overall product revenues of more than $107 billion and more than 304 million active customer accounts worldwide. But are they playing fair with the average author dreaming of selling a million copies of his or her e-book?

Pulp Modern is a fiction journal that publishes crime, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and westerns. The next reading period is March 1, 2017 to March 10, 2017.

911 Operator: 911—what’s your emergency?
Robert: Hi, I . . . uh . . . I work from home.


Magical Words Link Roundup 2-6-2017

Publisher’s Weekly offers the eleven most anticipated film adaptations of books in 2017.

Cecilia Dominic interviews David B Coe about his character Melyor i Lakin from The Outlanders and Eagle-Sage, books 2 and 3 of the LonTobyn Chronicle.

The time has come for the stories from the darkness, from the ragged edges of silence, to be given a voice, and the help that is needed – to shine a light into some of the most painful conditions that a human being can endure – the almost impossible to comprehend existence as an exile. “Children of a Different Sky” presents these stories to the world… and collects donations which will be passed on to organizations working to help the dispossessed human tides of our era.

Poet. Novelist. Playwright. Activist. There wasn’t much that Langston Hughes couldn’t do.

Black Gate presents Silver Screen Swashbucklers: Zorro Makes His Mark!

Abraham Sherman of The John Carter Files tells why Elon Musk has him feeling more optimistic about reaching Mars.

Ursula K LeGuin has a few thoughts concerning “alternative facts“.

You might think that modern television is riddled with superheroes and spaceships, but the 1970s were just as rich with science fiction and fantasy. (I was a huge fan of The Fantastic Journey, even if it did only last half a season.)

If you believe the apocalypse is imminent…lots of dedicated builders have prepared some pretty fancy spots where you can ride out the end of the world in style.

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Party Talk!

The news hasn’t been very cheery for a while, so we’re going to go for a smile today. Sidle up to the bar, order yourself a drink, and listen to the writers answer the question “What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?”

Diana Pharoah Francis
I really shouldn’t say this one, but . . . It was damned funny. So. I was listening to a comedian in the car and he started in on why dogs don’t make sounds when they fart–no cheeks. Sometimes they clench a little, and so there’s a whistle noise, but no cheeks. So I think this is funny and also interesting, so I tell my husband, rather randomly. He loses it. Laughs and laughs. But that isn’t the funny part. We’re in Staples looking for a laptop sleeve, and he farts, so I say, see? Cheeks. He says, well, I’m not a dog. And I lost it. I realize this probably isn’t that funny now, but I seriously died laughing.

Faith Hunter
I was cutting carrots and missed. I cut into my thumb. I have no idea why I found that so funny, but I burst into laughter

Gail Martin
We were playing a word game and my son reacted in horror to a prompt which he misread as being wildly inappropriate, and his reaction and what he thought the prompt said (compared to the reality) had us all laughing until we cried.

Misty Massey
I gave my husband an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. It’s a little 360 degree speaker that uses far-field voice recognition powered by the Amazon Alexa voice service/assistant. He placed it in the kitchen, so that he can listen to the news headlines and weather while making his breakfast. To wake it up, you say “Alexa” and then follow with your command. (“Alexa, weather.” or “Alexa, headlines.”)
So the other day I was in the kitchen prepping dinner and listening to the evening news on TV. The reporter finished her story, and the desk guy said, “Alexa, thank you.” And my Echo Dot said, “I’m happy to help.”
I ’bout jumped out of my skin.

John Hartness
Nothing funny ever happens to me, thus I must create the funny for everyone else.

Tamsin Silver
For the short story in the Rogue Mage Anthology (TRIALS) the second half of Mettilwynd takes place in George Town, Penang, at Fort Cornwallis (which is a real thing, btw). At the time I did my initial research, I was unable to see a street view and the closest the satellite view got me showed me a shape inside the fort that looked like a round stage and a fanning out of cement risers…like an amphitheater. So I decided to make it that. Fast forward to one week from sending final copy in and I’m back on Google Earth and suddenly as I scroll in, I end up on street view and I can click inside the fort to see what’s there…and it IS a round stage and cement risers for an amphitheater. LOL! I took screen shots and sent them to Faith. I thought it was the funniest thing. My guess had been right!

Melissa McArthur
We were in the car when the tornado warnings piped up on my phone. It was the third one in just a few minutes, so I said, “Oh, it’s just another tomato warning.” At that point, I knew I was done doing brain things for the day.

Edmund Schubert
Getting arrested in Germany when I was pulled over for speeding. I wasn’t arrested for speeding though. I was pissed off and told the cop he was acting like a Nazi. They take that crap very seriously in Germany.

Magical Words Link Roundup 2-2-2017

Finishing the book can seem like such a step forward! Pop the champagne! But then the author sits down to contemplate publishing. Oh, the thorny questions!

Following President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending refugee admission to the U.S. and restricting immigration from seven Muslim countries, a number of literary agents from separate agencies have announced a collective open call for submissions by Muslim writers.

Denis Villeneuve has said that adapting Dune is his dream, but that it would never happen. Now he’s been officially hired to make the first in a series of Dune movies for Legendary Pictures. This is the man who made “Arrival”, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

The world is already scary, especially these days, but let me destroy your dreams a little more – nightmare monsters in science fiction!

Cat Rambo has opened registration for her class on writing steampunk and weird westerns, but don’t take too long – space is limited!

JK Rowling has been jabbing former fans who have denounced the author and even burned her books over her criticism of President Donald Trump.

Violence in fantasy is often considered to be less confronting than violence portrayed in more ‘realistic’ contexts in other genres.

Frank Patz, organiser of the neighbouring comic con, Eternalcon in Long Island, New York, was arrested after New York ComicCon by NYPD Special Forces on charges of grand larceny and possession of stolen goods. Dude. no.

Nazi zombies. I could watch this.


Magical Words Link Roundup 2-1-2017

Happy birthday, Langston Hughes.

Need an editor? Dominion Editorial can help!

Like little deer in the forest, bloggers scare easily, and some authors find it difficult to convince these elusive folks to read and review their work. Why is that?

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is pleased to announce that Toni Weisskopf has been named the recipient of the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award to honor her activities in support of science fiction and fantasy.

Bloggers have started turning their blogs into books.

Nice move, Publishers Weekly!

Many a novel would benefit from a touch of romance. It’s an element that contributes to the swept-away effect that we want our fiction to produce.

A process traditionally used to treat cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injury is now showing promise as a possible method to enable long-term space travel through hibernation.

Just like any relationship, the special bond between a horror protagonist and her antagonist benefits from a little bit of mystery.

Steven Brust says, “You always get asked, “When did you know you wanted to be a writer?” And, of course, there’s no answer, or a thousand answers that are all equally valid. But I usually say, “In high school, when I read Zelazny’s Lord of Light.”

It turns out history is loaded with tons of creepy mysteries that will likely never, ever be solved.

Cats. In. Space!

aragorn ranger