Where’d everyone go?


Last night we watched a History Channel special called “Life After People”. It posed the question of what would happen on Earth if people were suddenly gone. And except for the short discussion of house pets and their awful fates (I just hate it when dogs are in trouble!) it was interesting. It’ll be replayed several times this month, so if you’re intrigued, check the History Channel schedule.

Anyway, somewhere between “100 years after people” and “500 years after people”, I found my mind wandering. What if everyone was gone? What if I happened onto an empty Earth, and for some reason was forced to remain? What would I do first?

According to the show, the grids supplied with energy by the Hoover Dam would have power longer than pretty much anywhere else – up to two years or more. Assuming I was smart enough to know this (and this is my thought experiment, so I can!), I’d head out west to Las Vegas, and set myself up in the penthouse of the Bellagio. Why that hotel? Because the chocolate lives there, too.

Anyway, once I’d done that, I’d make a few trips around town to stock up on DVDs I’d never seen, and books I’d never read, and kick back. I’m sure eventually I’d have to turn my thoughts toward actual survival. With all the humans having mysteriously vanished, at least I don’t have to worry about zombies. Whew! Once the power finally died, I’d move somewhere tropical with a beach, and learn to like eating coconut.

So what would you do?


2 comments to Where’d everyone go?

  • I’d go to every bookstore in the country and turn my books so that they faced out. Let the bestsellers have the spine-out slots; the world is mine now! [Evil laughter]

    So it looks like we’re open for business! Yay.

  • Okay — I have to ask. Did everyone get raptured out but me? Sorry. Dark revelation-style humor.

    Or are there dead bodies everywhere?

    If so, there are going to be a lot of flies, rats, and other creepy-crawlies for a while. So I’m gonna get a gun and some ammo and some rat poison and a lot of batteries. And an RV fit for a king, with a huge generator. (all that gas in trucks and in the ground in tanks just waiting for me and my handydandy generator to syphon it.) I’m stocking up on books, canned food, seeds, and fertilizer.

    Then I’m heading to the zoos within a couple hundred miles and letting out all the animals. Then to the mountains just because I love them.

    Now it gets dark…. To die a lonely solitary death.

    I watched that show too. And this is the way I always end up thinking, and howling with laughter because what else can you do when your mind is just so freaking morbid???