What’s Misty reading?


One of the most common questions we’re asked at book signings and cons and other public appearances is “What are you reading?” It’s also one of my favorite questions, because when I read something I like, I loveloveLOVE to tell everyone about it. Since AJ is prepping for Tuesday’s paperback release of Act of Will, I dropped in today to tell you about some great books I just finished.

Mike Carey’s The Devil You Know is a marvelous combination of urban fantasy and noir mystery. I absolutely devoured this book, in about a day. Felix Caster used to be a freelance exorcist until one of his jobs went horribly wrong. Since then he’s been eaking out a living as a party magician. But when his friend and landlady runs into desperate financial trouble, Felix takes on an exorcism job to help her out. Except that it’s not the ordinary job, this isn’t an ordinary ghost and suddenly Felix finds that he is no longer an ordinary exorcist. This book was wicked fun, the kind of urban fantasy that I love best. If you’re a fan of Jim Butcher or Glen Cook’s Garrett PI series, you will love this one.

I read Robin Hobb’s Dragon Keeper on my Kindle while travelling. The book picks up where the Liveship Traders left off, with the serpents having reached their cocooning grounds, but in poor condition and nearly starving. The few that survive become dragons, but because of their weakened states when they began their cocoon phase, they’re all sickly, deformed and weak. In an attempt to help them reach their ancestral home of Kelsingra, the humans of the Rain Wilds recruit a group of people to accompany the dragons on their journey. The story was good, of course – Robin Hobb can always hold my attention. One of the characters particularly interested me, but by the end of the story, I was ready to smack her myself for not seeing certain signs that would have explained things to her. I suppose I shouldn’t be so mean, since in real life we often choose not to see what’s before our eyes. If you read and enjoyed the Liveship books, you’ll enjoy this as well. If you didn’t read the Liveship books yet, read them first, This is not the book to introduce you to Robin Hobb.

And then there’s Kate Griffin’s A Madness of Angels. I actually read this a few weeks ago, but I just received the second book in the series, The Midnight Mayor, so I wanted to mention how good this is! Young sorcerer Matthew Swift wakes up in his bed naked and confused, because he’s been dead for two years. Why he’s back and who’s responsible for his death, he doesn’t know, but he’s determined to find out. And take his well-deserved vengeance. This book was another one that I gobbled up. It’s also got a noir flavor to it, which apparently appeals to me. It’s set in present-day London, a city that charms me all by itself, and Griffin takes us into the city’s shadowy secret corners with this book. Swift manages to figure out who killed him, so the reader isn’t left completely hanging at the end, but there’s plenty of room for more adventure to come.

So there you go. What are you reading?


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  • And so the TBR pile grows ever higher.

  • I am currently finishing the tome known as Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I am enjoying it but I think it goes a bit long and the characters tend to get predictable once you learn the formula. *chuckle*

    After that I will finish with something light and humorous, Making Money by Terry Pratchett.

  • Deb S

    I loved the Liveship Traders books, I’ll have to check out the new one, for sure.

    FYI- Madness of Angels is Kate Griffin not Kate Elliot.

  • While in China I read Well of Sorrows by Benjamin Tate (Joshua Palmatier). It started about a young boy struggling in a world with a colonial America feel to it and shows how he comes to be part shadow. By half way through the book, the story becomes more worldly and more epic fantasy complete with cool magic and big battles.

    I also read the Warded Man by Peter Brett. This is a horror/fantasy with a great magic system and well-portrayed struggles of mankind in a losing battle against demons.

    Last I read my first sci-fi in about fifteen years. It’s a book from the Black Library, a Warhammer 40,000 novel by Dan Abnet called the Horus Heresy. In this story, genetically enhanced ultramarines are battling in frontier galaxies to bring the enlightenment of the human race to other sentient beings. Problems arise when they find other humans who have different world views and the ultramarines are called in to enforce the will of their Imperium.

    All three were great books. Since I’ve been off sci-fi for so long, the last one has gotten me excited about military sci fi, and Dan Abnett has been chosen as the screenwriter for the Ultramarines movie. Sweet.

    Now I’m back to finishing Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy and then onto Rules of Ascension by Mr. Coe.

  • Oops! Thanks, Deb, fixing right now.

  • I feel guilty reading anything when there are still submissions to be read for IGMS and posts to be read the MW How-To book, but if I don’t do a little pleasure reading I go insane. So my stolen moments are focused right now on two books, one fiction and one non-fiction: The Mask of Atreus by AJ Hartley, and Codebreaker by Stephen Pincock. The Mask of Atreus is about a woman museum curator who’s boss is murdered, his body found in a secret room filled with an extraordinary collection of illegal Greek antiquities. Codebreaker is about the history of cryptography.

  • Nancy just finished MASK OF ATREUS and loved it. I’m reading it next. I just finished reading THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, which I thought was very good.

  • I finished the Mask of Artreus by AJ too and loved it! Waiting for Act of WIll. After seeing that opening I cannot wait for that one and will start it as soon as it comes out.

    Then — Mmmm. I blew my book budget for 2 months in one fell swoop. The hubby gulped and turned the thermostat AC warmer to pay for my habit.

    The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
    early to Death Early to Rise by Kim Harriosn (natch)
    Silver Born by Patricia Briggs
    Touch the Dark, Touched by Shadow, and Death’s Mistress, Midnight’s Daughter, all by Karen Chance
    Night Life by Kaitlin Kitredge
    Cutting Loose by Tara Jantzen
    Magid Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
    Deadtown by Nancy Holzner
    And 4 more still on order

    AND! You guys just gave me a whole new batch to consider.

  • I put the reading of the Revelation Space novels on hold for a bit to read The Sword of Shannara for the umpteenth time. I mentioned it a while back and when I did, I ended up with that urge to read it again. So, it’s being read…again.

    @NGD — if you like military Sci-Fi, David Drake does a lot of military sci-fi. I really enjoyed his Northworld series.

  • Well, I had a bad month last month, so my reading was put on hold by the inability to see straight, so about all I could handle was enlarged Internet text and my own writing. My To-Be-Read shelf is sagging under the weight of unread books and I’ve been playing catch-up to my health, but next on the list is Book 2 of Justine Larabalestier’s Magic or Madness series. And then I have about thirty other books I’d really like to get to, including one of David’s and one of Mindys. And then the bookstore gift cards I got for my birthday have been buring a hole in my pocket …

  • Good selections, Misty, and thanks for covering for me today. I’m currently reading Joseph Deloney’s Spook’s Apprentice series: dark middle grades/YA stuff about witchcraft and such in the Lancashire countryside in which I was raised. Great stuff.

  • AJ, I love the Spook’s Apprentice books! We had that series in the school library I used to run, and it was very popular with the boys especially.

  • Wayne McCalla

    Last few for me were from new authors, to me, that I met or saw again at ConCarolinas that I had not read yet… Sorry Misty, Faith and David…

    Read both of Kalayna Price’s books “Once Bitten” and “Twice Dead” both very original vampire/ shape-shifter stories. I enjoyed them very much.

    And just finished AJ’s “Act of Will” and loved it! May be one of my favorites for the year so far! I will be buying “Will Power” when the hardback is released in a few months.

    And just started Rachel Caine’s newest in her “Morganville Vampire” series “Kiss of Death”.

    Will most likely start AJ’s “Mask of Atreus” when I finish. Also have AJ’s others to read also… Will double check if Mask is not first will read them in order…

    My TBR pile is actually a TBR bookcase…

  • Mikaela

    I read a novel by Jason Godwin (sp?), I don’t know the english title though. It was really good, though. Also, I read the Writer’s Journey by Cristopher Vogel which was intresting, and gave me several Aha moments. Oh. I finally got around to reading The Unforturnate Miss Fortunes by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart. Hm… What more did I read? Oh. Dödens Pendel by Jonas Moström.

    I didn’t get much reading done this weekend with football and midsummer 😀