Welcome, 2009!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m always a little weepy saying goodbye to the old year, and hello to the new.  Especially this past year, which saw the release of my first book.  I know there were a lot of rough spots along 2008’s path, but it will always be a memorable year for me.  Now we’re standing at the threshold of a shiny new year, full of possibilities.  And like my partners, I have goals I hope to achieve.

1. I’m a slow writer, so one goal I’d like to work toward is achieving a little more speed.  Not a lot, since I know exactly how I can work successfully.  But another couple hundred words a day would be great. I’m going to push myself to finish one – more – page every time.
2. I used to exercise almost daily, but this past year saw me letting the workouts slide until I wasn’t going at all. Writing isn’t conducive to burning calories. Sure, I dance, but that can only benefit from a little more weight training. Not to mention my emotional health is way better when my body feels good, too. I want to build back up to the level I left behind.
3. I want to find more ways to self-promote, including appearances at cons and such. Cons within driving distance are preferable, since the airlines and I still don’t see eye-to-eye on a few things. But self-promotion that I can do from the house is also a biggie. I’ve run through the easy ideas, so now I’m processing some thoughts on contests and such. Feel free to offer suggestions!
4. I’m going to finish touching up some of my old short stories and try selling them. I suppose this is a corollary to #3 – more people will see my name in more places. It’s also good exercise for novel writing, and might assist me in achieving that speed I mentioned before.
5. The biggest goal is to be able to write full-time. That one’s not a goal for the new year, but a goal for life. I once quit a job for a year, thinking I’d write full-time. That was the year that I learned about the importance of discipline in writing, and how little one gets finished when one watches “Dr Phil” instead of writing. It was an important lesson, one I’ve managed to remember even though I did have to go back to work (weekly paychecks are really shiny things.) So it isn’t the kind of goal I can place a deadline on. Maybe I’ll be there by December 31, 2009. Maybe not.

At least my sights are set. Wish me luck.

Misty Massey


3 comments to Welcome, 2009!

  • All the best this year, Misty! Hope you achieve all your goals and then some. And I hope that 2009 allows us to spend more time together at cons and such. Meeting you and your family at ConCarolinas was a highlight of 2008.

  • Misty, darlin, that was wonderful!
    Health, wealth and happiness to you and yours in 2009…or as my favorite character of all time said, Live Long and Prosper…

  • Misty, I’m with you on the wanting to get fit and making more time to write. Here’s to a highly productive 2009.