That perfect place


Sometimes you hear writers speak of their writing area as a sacred space, the place where all the cares of the day vanish and they are able to produce valuable, readable, entertaining and satisfying work. Most of the time, they’re talking about a corner of their bedroom or an office, the spot in their house that’s been designated for creative activity.

For me, it’s the beach. We come here once a year with my family for a week of rest and disconnection, and yet I find my mind whirling and creating with every minute I’m awake (and some while I’m sleeping – you should have SEEN the zombie dream I had last night! *shudder*) I have to carry a notebook out to the beach every day, because ideas flow like wine when I’m under the sun and listening to the surf. Not just piratey ideas, but all kinds. It’s as if an extra, unused portion of my brain has been switched on, and there’s just not enough time to write it all down. I managed two pages on Monday, nine on Tuesday, and three yesterday. That’s more than I even shoot for in a whole week during the school year!

This is my sacred space. And I really am not sure I want to come home. If I move to the beach, will y’all come visit me?

PS Don’t forget…we have a special guest here on Magical Words tomorrow – J K Holmes! And when you finish reading her fabulous interview, drop over to to see what’s going on with the zombie uprising!


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  • Chris Branch

    Hey Misty,

    Off topic but I just wanted to mention that for the first time I saw a copy of _Mad Kestrel_ in the “new SF/F” section at my local library on Saturday. That’s in Boynton Beach, FL (aha – “beach”, back on topic!) – if you’ve never heard of it I guess it’s a good sign, right? Imagine how many other towns there must be that you’ve never heard of that now have at least one copy of your book!

  • My writing space is where ever the kids haven’t destroyed. I know what you mean about dreams though, but trying to get them to translate onto paper is another thing entirely. Oh and I find I write best at 3am. The house is quiet, I’m awake anyway, so it’s great to be able to sit with my laptop and just write, no distraction.

  • I used to face the window when I wrote. I could see the birds, the other wildlife, and rest my eyes from the PC screen. But the desk cut the room in half. Now I face the wall. And I write twice as fast.
    Guest blogger day tomorrow and…
    Zombie day coming up!
    Or should I say, rising….mwahahahahaha!

  • My office is hardly sacred ground, but I do have a few windows for daydreaming and spotting birds. I have my stereo and my guitar so I can listen while I write and play while I procrastinate. And I have all my books and research materials right at hand. As I say, there’s nothing truly special about the room, but when I step into it, I immediately feel like I’m author-guy again and ready for work.

  • Chris, that is just so cool! I love when my pals find my book in all its travels. My husband keeps sending me links of libraries around the country that list it in their inventory. I had a fellow buy a copy at ConCarolinas, because he’d read it from the library and wanted to own a copy. Woo hoo!