Thankful, that’s me


We’re headed south for Thanksgiving on Thursday, to spend the holiday with family. I’m very fortunate that I not only have family, but that I like them, too. I know that many folks live with relatives who don’t support their desire to write, and make the dream that much harder to achieve with the neverending chatter about having a real job to pay the bills and not putting so much attention toward a hobby and all that. I also know that many people are living in shelters or their cars, because their families won’t take them in, or they have none at all. Sure, mine is going to start hounding me about when the next book will be ready, or wondering why I don’t write something that becomes a bestseller, but really, that’s a nice thing, too.

Speaking of jobs to pay bills while I struggle toward success, I am thankful that I found my position in the library. People who love books cannot work anyplace better than a library (okay, a book store runs a pretty close second.) I get to talk to people about books all day. I see new titles before my patrons do, and I can check out way more than the patron limit. Then there are the quiet days… I can sit and write at work, and no one thinks I’m slacking off. I like most of the people with whom I work, and I get summers off to stay home. No, I don’t make a fortune, but I do well enough.

I’m thankful that I have an agent to represent me, and that she was able to sell my first book to my dream publisher. I’m thankful that my cover art didn’t send me screaming into the streets. I’m thankful that readers liked the book enough to send me kind emails, especially the ones that arrived on days when I was not feeling good about myself. I’m thankful that the South Carolina Association of School Librarians thought highly enough of the book to nominate it for the Young Adult Award for this year. I’m thankful that I managed to sell back my advance, and receive my very first royalty check not long ago. I’m thankful for my old friends from my writing group, without whom I would never have even tried to write a novel, and for my Magical Words friends who teach me something new with every post. Most of all, I’m thankful that I am living a life filled with words and stories.

For me, there’s just nothing better.


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  • yea! Hugs, Misty.
    As writers we can *all* be thankful that we live with stories in our heads all the time. I can’t think of a more boring life than one where only facts or TV or Hollywood actors or life’s problems were inside my head with me. Some people think writers are crazy (I have a cousin-in-law who does) but I am so *very* glad to be just a little crazy. Offering thanks with you, girl!

  • Good post!

    So, um, speaking of that next book… When already????

  • I’m also thankful to be part of this group: smart people talking about writing. Can’t beat that.

  • Apri W

    That sounds like a nice life you have there.

  • Yes, thankful for MW colleagues old and new. Thankful for our readers. Thankful for family and friends, for a career that lets me tell stories, for a roof over my head and a pantry full of food.

  • Thanks to all of you — MW writers and readers. This little bit of the ‘net makes each day better. What more could you ask for?

  • Oddly enough, thankful for the Rogue Mage RPG in production, without which I would probably not have taken a look at Faith’s books and joined The Enclave and then come here.

    Thankful that you folk at MW are here sharing your experiences in the world of the published.

    Thankful that I have a supportive wife that’s just as much a rabid fan of sci-fi and fantasy as I and also likes to write. Thankful for our daughter, who gives me headaches, but equal amounts of joy.

  • Emily

    At this immediate moment, I’m thankful I have a few days off to spend quietly. Thankful I have friends to spend the holiday with since I can’t make it to my family in California, and they can’t make it here either.

    I, too, am thankful for my job. Frustrating as it can be, I do love it. I just had a great conversation with a student about Branagh’s “Hamlet” (she’s writing a paper on it). She’s a very bright young woman, and it was great to talk to her about it. That kind of stuff is so much fun, and I get to do it quite a bit.

    I am very thankful that we get the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, too.

  • Emily said, I just had a great conversation with a student about Branagh’s “Hamlet”

    I loved that version!!! ‘Course there isn’t much Branagh’s done that I didn’t at least like.

  • Given yesterday’s argumentative flurry I will refrain from saying anything about Branaugh’s downward spiral of Shakespeare movies… 🙂

  • We had an argument yesterday?
    Drats. I missed it!

  • Not really an argument. Just a spirited disagreement on the “timeless” nature of literary art. Heady stuff 🙂

  • Oh. That.
    I live and work in the rural South. If there aren’t edged weapons or nifty handguns and blood splatters on the floor, it isn’t really an argument. (laughing)
    Okay, yeah, I’m hyperbolizing, except for a segment of the local um…culture. But still.

  • Faith said, Okay, yeah, I’m hyperbolizing, except for a segment of the local um…culture. But still.

    My neighbors are out shooting things right now. Yes, in the dark. I’m just hoping they’re aiming into the woods and away from my window.

  • Dino


    Misty, I did not realise we lived that close, I can here my neightbors shooting in the dark as well.

  • Nothin’ wrong with roundin’ up some fresh turkey in the backyard!

  • Beatriz

    I’m thankful that a few years ago I was jokingly asked “hey, ya wanna be my minion” and that goofiness permitted me to meet some incredibly talented authors who are also Really Cool People.

    I’m also thankful that the young men on the UNCC track team run near the Con Carolinas hotel. *grins*

  • If I don’t get to read anymore posts on here till I get back from Indiana, Happy Thanksgiving all.

  • Speaking of ConCarolinas… You guys going?

  • I will be there on Saturday to visit (we should all have lunch or something), but I’m not participating as a panelist this year. At least, that’s what I say now. Somehow I always find myself behind the table, yapping away no matter what I say.

  • Misty, David, and Faith: Just making sure you know that you have to fill out the guest application for ConCarolinas to be considered for this coming year. Here’s the link if you haven’t already applied:

  • I’m currently planning to be at ConCarolinas and I’m pretty sure I’ve already filled out the online application. Thanks for the reminder Christina.

    Happy Turkey Day, all!

  • Thanks Christina! We three applied, so right now we’re just waiting to hear officially….

  • Ok, glad you all applied. I’ve already heard that I’m in as a gamer guest…but there are fewer of us than writer guests.