Nano Nano!


No, I’m not trying to awaken your inner 80’s kid.  Eleven days ago, NaNoWriMo began.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, and the point is for you to write 50,ooo words of a novel/story/work.  If you’re a slowpoke writer like me, NaNo can be a useful tool to help spill lots of words in a short amount of time.

I’ve always been the type to work better under a deadline, but it has to be a real one, set by someone else.  NaNo ends on the last day of November, so if I want to successfully achieve the required words, I have to do it in the short time allotted.  I sign up every year, although I’ve only ever “won” once.  Not that it’s a competition, not in the strictest sense.  It’s a challenge to yourself, to try to get a good flow going.

If anyone else is signed up and wants to be my “buddy” on the site, you’re welcome to add me if you like.  But the big thing about NaNo is doing the writing.  So if you think it might be a useful challenge to try, come on and join me!

Before I forget, I’m going to be appearing this weekend at Atomacon in North Charleston, SC.  I’ll be there with A J Hartley, Gail Martin and a lot of other pretty interesting folks.  It’s a great little con, and I know we’re going to have a super time!

If you happen to be visiting the Carolina Renaissance Festival this weekend, be sure and go say hello to Faith Hunter and John Hartness, who are both appearing as part of the Festival’s Time Traveller Weekend event.  They’ll be signing books and talking to fans all day.


3 comments to Nano Nano!

  • Hi Misty! I’m sort of Nano-ing this year. Some other writer friends have decided to take the challenge, but to modify the rules. We set our own goals for what/how much we each wanted to accomplish and track our progress on a google spreadsheet. Prizes of cookies go out to people who meet their goals and to the person who comes up with the most creative and the lamest excuse for why they didn’t write on a given day.

    It’s really working too! We’re all writing more than we have been.

  • A friend told me about NaNo years ago, and that’s what got me started. I didn’t win either, but I did turn out novel-length manuscript. It’s a great kick-off bit. Good luck, Misty and Sarah!

  • Razziecat

    I wasn’t going to do Nano this year but I knew I’d miss it! Yes, I’m weird 🙂 So I’m doing it anyway. I topped 19K yesterday. I’m like you, Misty; that external deadline makes a big difference. Last year I hit my 50K in time and then went on to finish the story about a month later. I love finding out what’s going to happen to my characters, every day; I just have general ideas, no solid outline, but I know where they need to go, and every day I’m surprised by some aspect of the story. Good luck to everyone on Nano 2014!