Magical Words Writing Workshop


Hi folks! 

We hope you’ve been enjoying all the marvelous guests we’ve brought you so far in 2014.  Trust me, we have even more writers and their books to introduce to you as the months move along, so you’re not allowed to be mad at us when your to-be-read stack climbs higher than your bedside table.  *laughs*

Today everyone’s taking a break, so I thought I’d drop over to mention that Faith Hunter, David B Coe and I (Misty Massey) are very excited about the upcoming Magical Words Writing Workshop, which is taking place during Congregate in July.  It’s an intensive two-day seminar offering detailed, specific feedback on the first 2500 words of your manuscript from all three of us.  Not only that, but members of the class will be able to offer feedback to each other as well.  And since we’re teamed with Congregate 2014, you have the chance to writing, editing and publishing during the weekend, too. 

The workshop is $25.  You must be registered to attend the con before joining the workshop.  The deadline for registering and sending in manuscripts is April 11, 2014.  Don’t wait too long – space is very limited!

If you’re interested in joining the fun, email us at for registration details.




5 comments to Magical Words Writing Workshop

  • Andrea

    I wish I could go. Unfortunately, it is a bit too far away for me. At the moment, anyway.

  • khernandez

    Want to go SO BAD! Too far away and no money. Maybe next year?

  • Cindy

    I have the same problem. I would love to attend, but it’s across the country.

  • admin

    Hey Ya’ll! See the post on Saturday by the wonderful Carolyn Haines. Gotta check it out!

  • Far away in a bygone day (a song by Power Quest, sorry, I’m on a power metal kick), but not this year, alas. When wifey was making bonuses and such we made it to NC, but no chance this year. I hope those who attend will have an awesome time though. Don’t wanna be another of the I wish I could, but crowd, but…