Magical Words Link Roundup 2-2-2017


Finishing the book can seem like such a step forward! Pop the champagne! But then the author sits down to contemplate publishing. Oh, the thorny questions!

Following President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending refugee admission to the U.S. and restricting immigration from seven Muslim countries, a number of literary agents from separate agencies have announced a collective open call for submissions by Muslim writers.

Denis Villeneuve has said that adapting Dune is his dream, but that it would never happen. Now he’s been officially hired to make the first in a series of Dune movies for Legendary Pictures. This is the man who made “Arrival”, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

The world is already scary, especially these days, but let me destroy your dreams a little more – nightmare monsters in science fiction!

Cat Rambo has opened registration for her class on writing steampunk and weird westerns, but don’t take too long – space is limited!

JK Rowling has been jabbing former fans who have denounced the author and even burned her books over her criticism of President Donald Trump.

Violence in fantasy is often considered to be less confronting than violence portrayed in more ‘realistic’ contexts in other genres.

Frank Patz, organiser of the neighbouring comic con, Eternalcon in Long Island, New York, was arrested after New York ComicCon by NYPD Special Forces on charges of grand larceny and possession of stolen goods. Dude. no.

Nazi zombies. I could watch this.



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