Looking Forward


Remember, remember the Fifth of November, and bring Misty presents and cake!

Yes, today is my birthday.  Feel free to drop by with a red velvet cupcake and a few books from my Amazon wishlist.  *laughs*  I’m being taken to dinner tonight, and I have no plans for blowing up Parliament, even if I do have a famous date for my birthday.  I’ve burnt a Guy or two, but only since I’ve been an adult – oddly enough, my parents never would let me set an effigy on fire in the yard.  Darn city burning laws…

I’m taking a break from talking about our enemies today, because I’m just too happy to think about those naughty critters that plague us.  I am 51 years old today.  I know, I’m not supposed to admit my age to anyone (my mother-in-law would be aghast if she knew I was telling you all!)  But sometime in my thirties, I stopped caring how old I was and what it might (or might not) mean.  So I’m 51!  Yay!  I’ve beaten my record for how many years old I’ll get yet again!

A much younger friend of mine was sharing her worries and fears on Facebook the other day.  “How do you know,” she asked, “when you’re on the right path?  How do you know when you’ve chosen the thing you’re meant to do in your life?”  The thing is, everyone’s path is different, and just like we say about writing, there’s no one right way to follow it.  Some people choose a career and find they love being a teacher or a nurse or an accountant or a sculptor.  Those folks reach their goal by continuing to develop and refine their skills, following a straighter path.  Other people don’t have such a straight shot to the end.  It’s a wiggly, twisty road, with dips and holes and sometimes canyons.  The twists can take you over sunlit mountains and through shadowed rock fields.  Those of us who find ourselves on that road can sometimes discover a love of a profession, only to look around a few years later and want something else.  And that’s just as okay as the folks who stick with what they choose early.  I wanted to be a singer, then an Episcopal priest.  In college I thought I wanted to work for the Foreign Service, then spent 15 years teaching preschoolers.  It was only during that time that I realized I wanted to write for a living.  I haven’t yet made it my sole career, but I’m still young, so we’ll see where my path takes me.  In other words, it’s right when you believe it’s right.  So if you’re like my friend and searching for answers, stop wondering if you’ll ever find what you’re meant to be, and instead be what you are.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cupcake with my name on it.  😀


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  • Happy Birthday! You today, (*cough* mine tomorrow *cough*), and Neil Gaiman’s in a few days…pretty good month & company, I’d say.

  • sagablessed

    Sweet girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Red velvet? Hmm…if only you were not so far away, I could make you a red velvet cupcake with mousse filling and a hazelnut/chocolate butter-cream icing. 🙂 For dinner, a nice salt-crusted roast, new potatoes with dill and sour-cream, and……ok gettin carried away. 😛

    Happy birthday, whippersnapper. We are blessed you are here. Keep going, girlfriend!

  • Happy Birthday, you sweet young thang!
    May you have another 51 to look forward to, my dear friend.

    As to paths… How about a rollercoaster. I married a man who was the youngest ever, assistant manager of a local drug store chain. He walked in one day and dropped the keys in my hand. He’d quit.
    He started doing home remodels. Then new homes.
    Then he owned a music studio, which he gave (yes gave) to his brother and it is still going strong. Then he started a website building business which he gave away too. Right now he is a niche market publisher. Along the way he’s fallen in love with the guitar, golf, and now kayaking. I am never bored. I never know where he’ll go or what he’ll do next. He LOVES LIFE! And he treats himself to all of it, all of that amazing landscape you mentioned in your post. Me? I just make things up. LOL

  • Happy birthday, Misty! I agree about not caring about the age. For the longest time I was so focused on “I want to be published before I’m 30!” (Firstborn overachiever syndrome, I’m afraid. It kinda got in my way.) Not counting a few short stories, I didn’t manage it, and it took me actually hitting 30 to realize that it wasn’t such a big deal. A year and a half later, I’m just focused on writing a better story. 🙂 To many, many more birthdays! Enjoy your cake. 😀

  • Marlie Harris

    Have the happiest of birthdays, young lady. I always used to introduce myself as a recovering geologist. “Hi, I’m Marlie and I’m a recovering geologist.” cue the AA response, “Hi, Marlie.”

    The song, “I’ve been every where, Man.” also seems appropriate. Some of us are vagabonds, who go where the universe and their pocket book will take them.

    I’ve always been curious about those who know exactly what they are doing and then proceed to live their entire lives doing it. I’ve always thought, “What if…” What if that wasn’t what I was ‘supposed’ to do? What if I did this, instead? What if I missed my purpose?

    Hence, the vagabond life. It sure leads to some amazing stories, too!

    Eat that cupcake! Eat it as if it were the last cupcake you will ever enjoy! Taste it, feel it, heck, even spread it on your face! Enjoy the cupcake! 🙂

  • Tasha Turner

    Happy birthday. Nothing wrong with sharing your age.

    I’ve changed directions a number of times. Some of them were because opportunities fell into my lap. Others were because health issues forced me to find something else to do. Many of the things I did led to me being good at what I do. What I love about the time we live in is that we can change direction if we want to.

    May the next 51 years be even better than the last. Enjoy your cupcake.

  • Thanks so much, y’all! It’s been a lovely day, and I’m looking forward to this shiny new year ahead of me.

  • Razziecat

    Happy Birthday! 😀 Hope it was a good one! There’s something about hitting that 5-0 that makes people look at their lives and go, “Wait, what just happened?” Sounds like you already know the answer and you’re up for embracing 51 now, and whatever comes after it. Yay for you! Enjoy that cupcake (red velvet – mmmmm!)

  • Happy Birthday, Misty! Glad you had a lovely day–hope you have thousands more, all in a row.

  • quillet

    Happy Birthday! And congratulations on beating that record for how many years old you’ve gotten! May you beat it many more times, and have cupcakes every time. 🙂

  • Happy birthday a day late, Sweetie. Hope it was a great one. And in terms of years, I’m right behind you . . .

  • Megan B.

    Happy (belated) birthday. I love your attitude. 🙂