Just One More


About 8 weeks ago, I committed to a weight-lifting regimen.  It’s been going well.  For one thing, I simply like lifting.  It appeals to my inner warrior, because I feel tough and powerful when I lift.  It’s slowly reshaping me.  Right now the changes are small and not particularly noticeable to anyone except me.  A pair of my weekend pants has had to go into the trash because they won’t stay up any more.  My knees are feeling less tired at the end of every day and my arms look just a little tighter when I look at myself in the mirror.  Even though the changes aren’t obvious, they’re happening, and it makes me feel accomplished and determined to go just a little further. 

When we’re at the Y, I find myself reaching the end of a set, and saying, “Just one more.”  I know I’m about to reach muscle fatigue, but I want to push through for one more press, one more lift, one more stretch.  Getting that one extra rep done proves that I can push past any wall.  So I reach for just one more.

When I’m writing, it’s easy to work for a while and then announce, “Oh gosh, my eyes are tired” or “Two pages is plenty” or “I feel like watching television now.”  Getting anything done is marvelous, and something to be pleased about, especially when you’re a slowpoke like me.  But there’s always one more page, one more scene, one more sentence.  Writing that one extra piece does the same thing to my work that lifting is doing to my body.  It pushes past my creativity fatigue, the place I thought was as far as I could go.  It’ll make me tougher, able to resist the temptation of entertainment or a little extra sleep.  My day will end with just a little more work completed than I might have had.  Who knows, that one more line might be one of the most gorgeous combinations of words I’ve ever composed.  But I’ll never know until I try it. 

So tonight I’m going to push past my tiredness and write just one more.  Join me!


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  • Congrats on the weightlifting! Doesn’t it make an amazing difference? Just yesterday I re-started my own weightlifting routine. Years ago I lifted and loved it–can’t figure out why I ever stopped. If you ever want or need inspiration or information from a book, try Strong Women Stay Slim and/or Strong Women Stay Young, both my Miriam E. Nelson. I really like both of them.

    I also like your comparison of writing one more sentence to lifting one more weight. I think that will work for me 🙂

  • The workout I put myself through when I was strong enough after an ostomy surgery back in the 90s actually helped me with the ostomy reversal several months later. They actually commented that I was probably in the best shape they’d ever seen anyone coming in for that surgery. I kept up with it for quite a while after. Don’t know why I fell off the workout wagon eventually. I need to get back on it, though with what I suspect is the onset of some form of arthritis in my back, hips, knees, shoulders, and neck, it’s hard to get up the gumption to hurt myself worse for a month of acclimation. I wish I could get back into kenpo, but don’t have the money for it. Should be getting at least a little more exercise than usual as I now have a gas powered push mower instead of the riding mower that crapped out on me. Maybe it’ll motivate me a bit more to at least get on the stationary.

  • Count me in, Misty! 😀

    I’ve been experiencing the same with my running. (And some weightlifting at the gym, too, but the running has definitely been my focus). I love feeling strong. I love the extra energy. I love that I’m shrinking out of my t-shirts and pants. And I love pushing myself, within limits, because I’ve also recognized that part of taking care of myself is making sure I *am* rested. That line I dare not cross because if I do I risk very bad things. Yet it’s still a line I am always gently pushing.

    And yes, this definitely applies to writing, too. Only problem is, I push myself late at night when I really *should* be sleeping … 😳

  • Ken

    Glad to hear that things are going well with you , Misty. Count me in as well…one more word…one more sentence, then sleepzzzzz…

  • I saw you two weeks ago. You look fabulous and I could tell you were reshaping. 🙂

    Me? I just finished the rough of a short story. Tomorrow I start trying to cut words because it’s way too long. But I got it done! Thanks, Misty!

  • Razziecat

    How did I not make the connection between word count and steps counted? 😉 I’ve started walking for health reasons, and just yesterday I hit the magical 10,000 steps in one day (less than 100 to go to hit 10K again today! Go me!) Surely if that little pedometer can inspire me to keep walking, the word count function on my computer can nag me, er, inspire me to write a little more….and this is the perfect time for it, as I’m starting something new. Great post, Misty! Thanks!

  • SiSi, thanks for the book suggestions. I’m waiting for “New Rules of Lifting For Women” to come to the library for me right now. Mostly for different exercises – I just don’t want to risk getting bored with the same movements every week.

    Daniel, just remember to take it easy until you build your strength back up.

  • quillet

    I’m with you! In fact, this is one of those MW posts that are so timely it’s spooky. I just started keeping a writing log to track how much I’m writing, when, where & what — and also how I feel about it. Some days have been “meh” or “unhappy,” but I live for the days when I can write “happy” or even “very happy.” That happens especially when I exceed my word-count goals, so yes: extra words, a few more sentences, it can feel terrific. 🙂 Being able to write “happy” is a surprisingly good motivator.

    Now if I could just apply this philosophy to my long-neglected exercise regimen, the way you have. *sighs* You have my admiration.

  • This is me, reading y’all’s minds! *laughs*

  • Yes ma’am! Writing right now!

  • I think it was Holly Lisle that wrote, “Courage is taking one step more than you think you can.” I have that statement framed on my wall at work. Maybe I should have it here at home, too. And possibly tattooed… 😀

  • Lyn, I love that! Writing sometimes takes more courage than you’d think. Wonderful.