It’s Con Time Again!


Last week Jada Diaz, con chair for the upcoming ConCarolinas this weekend, was posting on Facebook about her tribulations creating the ConCarolinas schedule app.  Namely that she was having trouble coming up with panel descriptions that matched what the panels really were about.  Silliness ensued.  For example. 

Maybe I shouldn’t describe Animal Hauntings as “When Fido refuses to go join the Rainbow Bridge”.

Or “The UN-Fair Folk: Butt-ugly fairies.”

But those aren’t the only panels available for your enjoyment at ConCarolinas (have you bought your badge??)  There are lots more that I know you’ll want to attend!  Let’s see, there’s…

Politics in Writing – a Democrat, a Republican and a Libertarian will be stripped down to shorts and tee-shirts, dropped into a wading pool full of Jello and told to come to a consensus on the 2nd Amendment debate.  Panel attendees should wear protective gear.

Choosing the Right Words – Panelists will toss out trivia questions – “What is your name?  What is your quest?  What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”  Attendees who answer incorrectly had best be ready to fly.

The Deep Blue – Because pink is so very last year.

Frightening Experiences – At an assigned moment, the lights will all go out, the door will slam open and a horde of evil clowns with blood-tinged fangs will rush in and drop gooshy wiggle-worms down the backs of your shirts.  Wacky fun!

Literature and Libations – *hiccup*

Okay, seriously, this weekend is ConCarolinas, and a good many of your Magical Words friends will be appearing as guests.  If you want to try and see every one of us, go to the con’s schedule page and make your plan.  We hope we’ll see all of you there! 



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