Is it my day?


Oh dear…I’ll warn you now, this may be a pretty whacked-out post. Between the trauma of being stranded in NYC overnight, catching a cold on the trip and having to return to the day job, I’m a little brainless.

WorldCon was terrific. Faith and David have already mentioned many of the selling points for going, so I won’t repeat what they’ve said. As we’ve told you many times, writing is a solitary business. Sometimes cons are the only chance we have to meet others in our profession, and they’re great opportunities to network with the people who can further one’s career. However, things can become a little silly. If you’ve never been to a con, here are a few thoughts to help you understand what might happen when you do, at last, attend one.

– It is easy to let oneself eat badly while at con, and after two days, you might realize you’re in desperate need of fruit and veggies. Therefore, strawberries left unattended at a publisher’s party are not only fair game, but could lead to David and Misty coming to blows over who gets the last of them. (No, we didn’t, but we might have if they’d run out.)

– Bathtubs make excellent drink coolers, and publisher’s parties are really, really hot. As in sweaty and muggy. Deal.

– Downtown Denver is a relatively safe place to walk at night, but do not be surprised if you and your friend are propositioned by a passing homeless guy who appreciates your fashion sense.

– If you’ve agreed to serve on a panel about sci-fi movies, be aware you’re about to talk to people who know the names of the entire film crew for the original silent version of “The Day The Triffids Made The Earth Stand Still”, and who can argue the merits of that film’s sound engineer versus the guy who did sound for the Technicolor remake from 1968.

– Spend some time in the bar with a publisher who’s already drunk, and eventually you will find yourself promising to write a story for an anthology titled “Must Die Warm”, based on being so cold you can’t feel your toes.

– If someone says, “Let’s go for sushi,” go.

– Just because John Scalzi is slurring his words as if he’s drunk, don’t be fooled. That’s water in that glass.

– If you decide to create a secret enclave with the bar couches, somehow people will still find their way in. And strangely enough, you won’t mind at all.

– When drinking, try to be sure the Sean at hand is the Good Sean and not the Evil one.

– No matter how strong you mean to be, once you’re in the dealer’s room, all control is sucked out of you and you’ll end up going home with a silk corset. (Especially if Lisa Mantchev is nearby…)

– There is definitely a Tim Tam fairy, but rumors of the Cadbury fairy have yet to be proven true.

– Writers with determination can walk from the Convention Center to Starbucks and back in less than twenty minutes and still not be late to their panels.

– Happily pointing at Faith’s mass-market book covers while at a publisher’s party can result in David losing a finger.  (No, he didn’t, but for a second, we were all worried.)

So there are my slightly cryptic thoughts on WorldCon. Now, I must go and crank out some pages. My editor is excited to see the book, which means I need to get those last pages written. Frankly, I’m a bit excited about the end myself. If you have questions about WorldCon, Denver, writing…hell, ask me anything. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll make something up.


5 comments to Is it my day?

  • Wayne

    I am glad everyone seemed to have a great time there.

    Just wish I would have been able to make it and meet both Faith and you, Misty.

    Will all of you(David, Faith, and Misty) be at ConCarolinas next year? May try to make it if so…

    But glad you also made it home in at least decent shape.


  • Wayne,
    I haven’t been asked to ConCarolinas.

    And David did nearly lose a finger, and get a totally stupid tongue lashing from an irritated female just so I could get a chance to see my new covers. Thank you David.

    And…I got left our out the group sushi (I was paneling-working) ( now pouting).

    And eating strawberries gets Misty high. Really.

  • Lisa Mantchev

    *wholly innocent in matters of silk-and-steel-boning… REALLY!*


  • *grins at Lisa* I’ve actually managed to convince my beloved Minion to go see Dan when he’s at DragonCon in a couple of weeks, so I’m carrying on the tradition!

    Wayne, I’ll be at ConCarolinas next May – please come and say hello to me!

    Strawberries??? Did someone say strawberries?? Where????? Must have …..

  • I’d forgotten all about the mean woman at the party. She was scary. But I’m still typing with all my digits. The sushi was awesome and a fine idea. I can’t remember who suggested that….. Oh right, I DID! Sometimes I even amaze myself…..