I’ll Be Darned


Somehow I went all day not remembering that it was Tuesday, the day on which I am tasked with enlightening your wonderful minds with some bit of writerly brilliance. I know you’re all overcome with grief, (and thank you, Faith, for making sure I was alive over here!) but since it’s nearly night time and all, I’m just going to blame it on my anniversary being yesterday and beg your forgiveness. I promise a post of incredible sagacity next Tuesday.

Really, I promise. *smile*


5 comments to I’ll Be Darned

  • Nooooooo! *shakes fist*

    😀 You are most forgiven. Hope you had a great anniversary!

  • I’m just glad you all aren’t dead over there. Or, worse — zombies.

  • You know, I have been hearing this weird moaning sound outside the window….

  • Sarah

    You know, I read this and thought night time?! What is she smoking? Then I remembered you’re on the lovely east coast and the sun is just catching up to those of us in the west. Glad you’re okay!

  • Oh, finally! I came over here like 40 times looking for the next Misty post and nothin’. Nothin’! Sheesh! >:(

    Kiddin’…well, about the bein’ irked part. 😉 And maybe it was just 10 times. Everybody gets the ol’ CRS from time to time (I’ve had more than my fair share of CRS lately).

    ‘Night, and aim for the head if it’s zombies and call the cops or use a baseball bat if it’s just an overzealous peeping Tom out there. 😀