Happy New Writing!


Every holiday comes with its own traditions.  Here in the south, on New Year’s Day, many of us eat hoppin’ john and collard greens.  Hoppin’ John is a mixture of black-eyed peas and rice, and the more you eat, the more days of good luck you’re destined to have in the new year.  The greens represent money (which is a tough one for me, because while I’d love to eat enough collards to pay off all my bills for the year, I don’t actually like them.  I plan to substitute brussels sprouts this year.  I’ll let you know if it works.)  Even though we know that luck and money are not really determined by one’s menu on a specific day, we do it anyway.

There’s another tradition, though, one that I think is a good one to practice.  It’s said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do every day all throughout the coming year.  So today I’m not going to do any laundry or sit on the couch watching movies.  I’m going to write.  Yes, I know today is a holiday and more than a few of us might be suffering from the celebrations of the night before.  I may be in the same situation myself, but I’m still going to put some words on pages.  I hope you’ll join me in my New Year’s tradition.  Because if you do, and if it works, we’ll all have new books by this time next year to show for it.

Happy New Year, all.


9 comments to Happy New Writing!

  • Count me in! I plan to finish revising my novel today so I can finally send it to the agents that requested it! And beta-read. And maybe work on something fresh. Happy New Year! 😀

  • Ken

    Seconded!!! Here’s to finishing new projects in the new year. Good Luck with the new novel, Laura.

    Oh, and I’d never heard of hoppin’ john (possibly because I’ve spent most of my life above the mason-dixon line…very above) and it sounds good. Going to have to give that a try 🙂

    Happy New Year to all of my wonderful, Magical Words Friends.

  • Vyton

    Misty, great idea. We’ve tried collard greens, hoppin john, and substituted fat back in the collards for hog jowls. This year, we’re going with something else. Good luck with yours. I will write today as well — final revisions before sending out for beta.2. Good luck, Laura. Happy writing to all MWers.

  • I’ll probably be cooking some pork loin tonight with black-eyed peas and collards. I’ve got just enough bacon for the greens. Mmmm! Last year I made a venison loin, but this year, I’ve got the pork on hand. Maybe we’ll pop that champagne we didn’t use last night. Or the plum wine.

    And now I better start writing too. 😀

  • Happy New Year to Each and Every One of our MW family!

    Misty, my neice (who put way too much on my Khol’s credit card and has to work it off {Faith said, chortling}) is cleaning my house — which is a great way for *me* to start off the new year! Whoot! Clean house!

    I’ll be eating the traditional New Years meal at noonish at mom’s, finishing a final read-through of Blood Trade, and starting the opening scene of a new book. I am psyched!

  • Oh merciful heavens! I was planning on grading all day. I like Misty’s idea much, much better, so I will take a crack at that epic fantasy chapter rewrite today. Happy New Year, everybody!

  • If today is any indication, this year I’ll be writing, cooking, talking to my family and watching really awesome football! Go Gamecocks!!

  • Razziecat

    Excellent idea! I had planned to do some rewriting today, but I’ll add “go on to the next scene (or 2, or 3)” to that plan. 🙂

    Happy New Year, everybody!!

  • wrybread

    This is strange, I had never heard of the tradition of hoppin’ john and collard greens on New Year’s Day until this week, then over the past few days I’ve heard about it twice, and both times from writers whose work I admire; first in Robert McCammon’s Boy’s Life, my new favourite novel which I just finished reading yesterday, and now here on MW.

    I was hoping to find hoppin’ john and collard greens at the nearby Cajun/Creole Bistro my girlfriend and I frequent, but no luck, alas. 🙁 However, I did manage to get a little bit of writing in after work on the 1st, about 100 words from the novel that will be finished over the next two months. The first 100 of many over the year.