Getting ready


Next week, Faith, David and I will be at WorldCon in Denver, Colorado.  This is my first WorldCon ever, and while I’m excited about meeting lots of people and sitting in on some really interesting panels (when I’m not serving on some myself!), I’m nervous about travelling out there all by myself.  I haven’t flown since before the Twin Towers disaster, and things are pretty different these days. Since Faith and her husband decided to take a long vacation and drive out to Denver, they very kindly let me send the majority of my luggage with them so I wouldn’t have to check it.  Which meant I had to pack early.  The clothes were easy.  Undies, pants, shirts, check.  Toiletries were also easy, and I sent along a bag of healthy snacks so I won’t be tempted to visit the hotel vending machines at night.  But wait… I’ll be signing books so I need my pirate hat,  my leather mug and my special signing pen!  And didn’t I promise to belly dance for someone at some point during the con?  So I’ll need a hip scarf and music.  And what if it’s chilly at night?  And do I need something dressy?

*primal scream of frustration*

The packing is done now, and the suitcase left with Faith days ago, so I can’t stress anymore.  All I have left is a little carry-on that’s only big enough for a couple pairs of undies, toothbrush and paste and my book and notebook.  There is no more time for wondering if I have everything I’ll need.  I had a wonderful massage this morning and now I have to throw my thoughts toward my panel responsibilities, come up with some questions that’ll work, and relax.

WorldCon, here I come!


2 comments to Getting ready

  • SO JEALOUS! I didn’t realize all three of you were going to be at WorldCon! And here I am stuck at home. Snivel!

    Ah, well. Maybe next year.


  • Oh girl, I wish you were coming, too! All four of us need to show up at some con together. We could Monkee-walk through the place with signs on our backs saying “Read Magical Words!”