Friday Fun!


Faith, David and I are appearing at ConCarolinas 2008 this May. As it happens, we’ve ended up with our very own minion assistant. While talking to the minion assistant today, we were kidding about what she’d be asked to do. I’m not a rock star who needs all the green M&Ms removed from the bowl, but I could come up with some crazy demands.
For example, I think I should have:

The 32 piece Vosges Gourmet Truffle Collection
The big red sheepskin from the Sheepskin Shoppe at the Carolina Renaissance Faire
Whole wheat pita bread, a jar of pitted, oil-cured black olives and a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz Cabernet
James Marsters on hand to feed me the aforementioned bread and olives (I can’t do it myself, of course – my fingers would get all oily!)

With the intention of being entirely silly and unreasonable, what would you ask for?

And just so no one gets the wrong idea, our beloved minion is delighted to be referred to as such – I’m really not being mean!  


9 comments to Friday Fun!

  • We have an assistant? Wow. Who knew?

    Okay, I want:
    A good Australian Shiraz (Woop Woop, or Red Mud, or Pirramimma will do) Or failing that, a bit of 18 year old single malt.
    Cadbury Carmello bars. Many of them.
    Sushi for dinner (heavy on the hamachi, please)
    And if people could be lined up 20 deep to buy my books when I sign, that would make me feel. . . well, loved.

  • Beatriz

    * the mead that Keltik got in Scotland that I adore (the name of which I forget)

    * Coke Zero with a squeeze of lemon, icy cold–but no ice

    * Adam Baldwin as his Jayne Cobb persona feeding my chocolate dipped strawberries and teaching me to shoot Vera

    * a bowl full of purple M&Ms

  • They make purple ones? Or is someone going to have to order them special for you?


  • Beatriz

    I’d have Adam hand dip them for me. ~grins~

  • Katherine Gnus

    Chicken noodle soup and garlic bread… mm.

    @David B. Coe. Please come to Toronto, Canada. It would make us feel… loved.

  • Katherine, I would LOVE to visit Toronto. Is there an annual con there I could attend? A writers’ workshop I could attend as an instructor?

  • After a day at the Renaissance faire, I’ve remembered something else I want on my list – a lovely cabriolet, drawn by two fine young Scots in kilts to carry me where I need to go.

    ‘Cause my legs are tired!!!

  • Late to the show…but…
    What would I ask for if I could ask for anything?

    A bottle of Disaronno and ice.
    Orchids at the signing table.
    People lined up 19 deep. I can’t ask for more than David did; that would be rude.
    A new pair of Luchasse boots, my size. Black cherry, if possible. And already broken in.
    Oh — and the deadlines met the week before so I can have bundles of fun with no guilt.
    Does our minion have a magic wand?

    I look forward to it all, even if only in my imagination!

  • Faith asked, “Does our minion have a magic wand?”

    Alas, no. But she’s a doll – you’ll love her!