Friday Fun – The End Is Near!


On June 13, 2007, the blogosphere was overrun with the walking dead. Brave souls from Blogspot to LiveJournal to WordPress risked all to post their news about the horrible events of the day. Luckily, somewhere around midnight, the zombies mysteriously dropped dead (for real this time) and the world was saved.

Well folks, June 13 is looming, looks like there’s something to worry about again. Better stock up on the emergency water, board up those windows and have your shotguns and baseball bats ready. Be safe!

Just in case the message wasn’t clear, if you happen to see blog entries next Friday that sound alarming and apocalyptic, please remember, it’s a game. Don’t panic. It’s fun. It’s a great writing exercise. It’s entirely voluntary. I, Misty, will be blogging on my individual blog, NOT HERE. The others may play or may not, as they choose.


2 comments to Friday Fun – The End Is Near!

  • Yes, we suspect the dead will indeed rise again. There’s now less than a week to prepare, so just concentrate on the basics, and let’s hope — like last year — that the event only lasts a day.

    Good luck!

  • Beatriz

    I’ll be playing, assuming, of course, that I can come up with an idea that equals last year’s fun.

    Is is zombie time yet????