Friday Fun Quiz!


It’s that time again, gentle readers! We polled each other and found out our favorite books, movies, albums (yeah, I know they’re called CDs now. Young whippersnappers!) and television show. But whose choices are whose? Read the four entries below, and post your guess in the comments.   The winner will receive honors and accolades and maybe even a little prize this time!  (If more than one person guesses all four correctly, we’ll let you share the glory.) The answers will be posted Monday afternoon. Ready? Go!

A. Book: TIGANA, Guy Gavriel Kay
Movie: The Replacement Killers
Album: “Have A Nice Day”, Bon Jovi
TV show: Beauty and the Beast

B Book — of all time: Shibumi by Trevanian
Movie — the Long Kiss Goodnight and the Indiana Jones movie series
Album — Smooth by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas
TV show — Boston Legal, Navy CIS, and The Unit

C. Book – Susan Cooper’sThe Dark Is Rising sequence
Movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Album – Queen’s “A Night At The Opera”
TV show – Since they cancelled “Jericho”, that leaves “Lost” and “Doctor Who”

D. Favorite Book:  ANIMAL DREAMS, Barbara Kingsolver
Favorite Album:  “Waiting for Columbus” Little Feat
Favorite Movie:  “High Fidelity”
Favorite TV Show:  “The West Wing”


11 comments to Friday Fun Quiz!

  • kirbyk

    A – C.E. Murphy
    B – David B. Coe
    C – Faith Hunter
    D – Misty Massey

  • Okay, I’ve got to add a hint here, because this might otherwise be unfairly confusing to a few of my fans. I’ve often said in blogs and on panels that TIGANA is my favorite fantasy novel. And it is. But it’s not my favorite book….

  • Resk

    A. Misty Massey
    B. David B. Coe
    C. Faith Hunter
    D. C.E. Murphy

  • Katherine Gnus

    A. Misty Massey
    B. David B. Coe
    C. C.E. Murphy
    D. Faith Hunter

  • Chris Branch

    A – C.E. Murphy
    B – David B. Coe
    C – Misty Massey
    D – Faith Hunter

  • Thanks David, I was going to put you as A because I have heard you mention Tigana.

    A – Faith

    B – C.E.

    C – David

    D – Misty

  • Looks like another hint is needed….let’s see. I know I mentioned “The West Wing” in a recent post, but I also said only watched it occasionally. And I didn’t actually put my favorite movie, since it would have completely given things away. I chose my second favorite instead….love those adventurers!

  • Ok, retool….

    A. Misty

    B. C.E.

    C. David

    D. Faith


  • Beatriz

    A– Faith
    B– David
    C– Misty
    D– C.E.

  • Chris Branch

    Assuming no correct guesses so far, I’ll try again…

    A – Faith Hunter
    B – C.E. Murphy
    C – Misty Massey
    D – David B. Coe

  • Boy… hindsight is 20/20.