Flipping Out


I’ve tried to start two different posts, one with some writing advice and the other an essay about genre blending since that’s been in my head for a while.  But I can’t get them written, because I’m suddenly panicking over everything I have to do to get ready for next weekend at StellarCon.  I know, it seems simple – pack my suitcase and my book trunk and drive to the con, where they’ll see to my every need like the star that I am.  Easy, right?  Yeah, not so much.  As much fun as we have at cons, it’s actually a lot of work.  For example, here are the things I’ve lost my mind over already this morning (and it’s only 8:43!)

– I gave out all my magnetic bookmarks at RoundCon.  I knew about it all last week, but somehow I kept telling myself that I could handle that later.  Well, later is rapidly running out, and I still haven’t got my bookmarks.  Maybe if I set the printer going tonight while I finish inputting my tax info to TurboTax (because we have to finish the taxes this week so we can apply for the Beetle’s financial aid before the deadline.  What, you thought writers made enough money to just pay the whole tuition in one check?  *falls over laughing*)

– I’m making my special super-secret-recipe lavender cookies for the Magical Words launch party.  And I’ve run out of two ingredients, which means I have to go to the store.  Again.  I think the people at the grocery store are beginning to think I work there.

– Maybe if I get the bookmarks ready by tonight, tomorrow while I’m baking I can slap the magnets on between trays of cookies.

– Oh my, I should make an iPod playlist for the party.  It’s not a party without a few tunes.  I wonder if anyone else likes Rage Against the Machine as much as I do?

– I have a brand-new tribal skirt that I want to wear sometime at the con, but I can’t decide when to wear it.  Should I save it for the party?  Should I wear it during the day?  Maybe I should dress the outfit up with more piratey accessories and wear it to panels?  Along the same lines, I have a brand-new leather dress that I’ve been saving for just this con.  But I don’t have any amazing shoes to wear with it.  And I don’t have time to go shopping.  Do I wear the gillies and just hope no one looks at my feet?  Go barefoot?  Wait, can’t go barefoot because I haven’t had time for a pedi.  And everyone knows that a writer is judged solely by what she straps on her feet, right?  *yanks at hair and moans*

– All this talk of clothes just reminded me that I haven’t done anything but the most necessary laundry since before RoundCon.  I had planned to start last night, but the storms knocked out our power for three hours.  Did you know the washing machine doesn’t work when the power’s out?  Who’d have guessed?

– I have a reading at the con.  Do I read from the second book, for which I have no release date yet?  Do I read an unrelated short story?  If I choose a story, do I pick something charming or something packed with action?  And really, why am I stressing, since no one will come to my reading anyway because I’m a lousy writer and who am I kidding and I just pulled all my hair out anyway so no one wants to look at that.

– And of course I have pages that need writing.  ‘Cause you know, that’s what I do.

*deep breath*

Okay, chilling out now.  It’s going to be fine and fun and when it’s over I’ll laugh about all this.  Wait, what’s that?  You thought this professional writing gig was supposed to be easier?

Just wait.  You’ll see. 😀


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  • Sweetie!! Wanting to give you a big hug. You know, we can make do with store-bought cookies. Really we can. We’ll be fine. They won’t be as good as yours, but they’ll be perfectly fine. And I’ll have my iPod with me, so we can use that for tunes if need be. And whatever you read will be terrific because you’re a wonderful writer. So really, it’s all good. Relax. Take a deep breath. Or have a sip of single malt….

  • Aw. *Hugs*

    I can totally relate to this, Misty. All the running around, making sure that I haven’t forgotten to pack something (and forgetting anyway and hoping I’ll remember before leaving; the making of chocolates (tiger butter) ‘cuz it’s a thing I do for con parties and I have a reputation for it and I want people to love me, and for ConCarolinas I’m also making cupcakes (gluten-free mint chocolate ‘coz it’s my birthday on the Saturday and I’ll have no idea what other gluten-free stuff will be available); the switching to a larger suitcase after realizing there is no way I will fit all these books I want to get signed in my medium one, the part where I tell my husband things I need to remember for June and he says why am I worrying about June, that’s still three months away, and I say of course I’m worrying about it, I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to go again and I want to have a good time; the praying Air Canada won’t change my flight times yet again because I like to have these things settled and and and—

    *falls over*

    Oh, right, and getting enough sleep before the con itself.

    So may everything go well for you. Have fun!

  • I’m with David — skip the cookies and the iPod. Go shopping for shoes. It’s only going to be 60 saturday and your feel will be cold. And you MUST wear the leather dress!

    Read from a Sebastian short…*pleeeeeeeeasssssse*?

    Is there something I can do to help?

    And — dang it, I just got a call. My manicure girl has the flu. Now where do I go for a mani???

  • Isn’t it great to be living in the Beulah Land of Published Authorhood?

    The shoe problem is an easy fix, just wear a pair of Ugg boots (or any furry moonboot type). They go with anything and will make you hip to the youth of today. 🙂

    Anything you read will be fine since you are an awesome writer that everyone envies.

  • Mark, I would have to go and buy the Uggs. Then again, if I listen to Faith and skip the baking…

    Laura said the part where I tell my husband things I need to remember for June and he says why am I worrying about June
    ROFL!!! My husband does the same thing. He probably won’t pack until Friday morning.

    David, you’re a love. If the cookie situation turns out to be too much for me, I’ll definitely go to the store. (BTW, guess what I read 200 pages of last night while the power was out??? Oh my goodness! It’s incredible!)

    Faith, I hadn’t even thought about Sebastian! Great idea! And about your nails, have you tried Chan? She might be able to fit you in, and she does a wonderful job. Unless she’s the one with the flu.

  • I heard. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • tiffany

    A leather dress. Awesome. That alone deserves a new pair of shoes. I wish I was attending- it sounds like fun! And Rage Against the Machine is appreciated by many audiophiles:)

  • Yeah, all that ‘writer stuff’ sure gets in the way of writing, doesn’t it? Glad to know you’re thinking about tunes; I’ll strike that one from my mental list. 🙂

  • Wait a second . . . I’m supposed to be prepared for a con? No wonder I always get those odd looks. Well, it’s either that or the meerkat growing out of my ear.

    Of course, in reality, I totally understand. While I don’t have shoe and dress issues, I have my own long list including making sure I have enough business cards, prepping for panels I have to moderate, etc, etc. So, we’ll all be a little frazzled together, but hey, we’ll be together! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Unicorn

    Be grateful!! You guys – and girls – are actually going!
    Misty, you sound just like me on the night before a horse show. I manage to make myself into a sleep-deprived wreck, trying to get the horse rested so that it is as cool as a cucumber for the show. I scream at people if they merely touch my meticulously polished saddle. After a few hours of sleep I stagger into the paddocks to find the horse looking fresh as a daisy and perky as ever, and also covered in mud all down one side. Now *that* is bad.
    As for the shoe thing, you’re a writer, go for something eccentric. Like gumboots with erratic blue flowers painted on, or perhaps carpet slippers. (Aren’t writers supposed to work in their pyjamas? *rolls eyes*) Speaking, of course, as a person well known to have the fashion sense of a boiled potato.
    Stuart, I’ve met meerkats. They are extremely cute furry little rodent thingies, up to the point where they bite.
    Have fun, everyone.

  • Sarah

    I hear you, Misty! It’s run around like a chicken with its head cut off time out here too. Though, gillies with a leather dress sounds awesome to me, if that helps. Either gillies or wench boots. Those would rock too.


  • Tiffany and Sarah, I can’t wait to wear my new dress in public! It was an unexpected Christmas present from my husband – I’ll make sure there are pictures. 😀

    Edmund, between David and me, I think there’ll be plenty of music.

    Stuart, you have a meerkat in your ear? I think I’m worried…

    Unicorn said I stagger into the paddocks to find the horse looking fresh as a daisy and perky as ever, and also covered in mud all down one side.

    Reminds me of trying to get the Beetle ready to go on trips when he was little. We’d have him washed and dressed, and we’d put him in his room while we packed the car. Only to find, upon returning, that he’d dumped every Lego he owned all over the floor. 😀

  • Misty, borrow Faith’s Lucchesses (I probably didn’t spell that right) for the leather dress – definitely evening wear. When’s the reading? The Tribal skirt soulds like day-wear. It’ll be cool, so close-toed shoes will save you the pedicure time.
    Anything you choose to read will be wonderful.
    David’s got the music.

    Sit down and relax. The Con will be perfect. Why? Because you will be there.

  • Misty> Skip the cookies and the playlist (I know I’m chiming in late here). Those are ephemeral things that will fade. Awesome shoes can last for YEARS. I’m a bit a shoe girl myself. And I love the idea of a leather dress. I don’t think I’ve got the … courage (we’ll use that word on a pg-13 site!) to pull that off! I always love what you wear to cons! So I’m sure you’ll look FABULOUS!

    Though now you’ve got me paranoid about ConCarolinas. Should I make cookies for the party we’re having there? Should I make Sarah make cookies, while I put together the playlist? I might need to go buy shoes… 😀

    Seriously, though… while I get that Cons are a part of work, it is supposed to fun, right? Especially a launch party which is about the culmination of work and the brief respite of fun before work begins anew. Enjoy it. If stuff is in the way of enjoying it, and isn’t a MUST DO (like, say, pack clothes and put gas in car), then let ’em go. 🙂

  • Oh, I feel you on this one!

    What size shoe do you wear and what color is your leather dress. I might have boots that will work for you. (My obsession with boots means I own a lot. lol)