It was my day to post, wasn’t it? It was also the first day back with students, and I completely lost track. So here are some shiny toy surprises and I promise I’ll have something brilliant for you next Tuesday.

9 Things Parents Should Know About District Nine We saw District Nine this weekend, and I thought it was stunning. I am, however, surprised that any parent would think it was suitable for young children. Yes, there are aliens, but not every movie with aliens is E.T. or Wall-E.

7 Essential Fantasy Reads: Going To Second Base An interesting list, even though there are a couple of titles I think belong in the beginner list. I’d have included Tim Powers’ The Anubis Gates and Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber, myself. What titles would you recommend for a beginning fantasy reader who’s ready to take the next step?

– Most reality TV is a brain suck, but every now and then something neat comes along. Discovery Channel’s The Colony is different and interesting. There are flaws, sure – no one is in actual physical danger, and the colonists are an unusually well-educated bunch, but at least we don’t have to see a weekly catfight between Melana and Suzi over who used the last of the lip gloss.

– Having trouble coming up with a title for your masterpiece? Try Seventh Sanctum’s Weird Name Generator. Now I’ve got to come up with a story to fit “The Final Blue Contemplator That Steals Always”. *hee*

– One of these days, I’m going to join in on an Improv Everywhere stunt.


2 comments to Eek!

  • What could you do with “Pike of Wizardry”?

    What sort of pike are we talking about anyway. Is it the fish, or the spear? If the spear are we talking about pikes individually, or pikes enmasse. Maybe a Spanish tercio where the magic is performed as a ritual performed by the unit as a whole. That would make keeping accurate personnel records vital, for being short of the table of effectives might have bad results.

    Mental wandering only, hope this gives people ideas.

  • Sounds like a middle grade fantasy series, in which the pike attend a wizarding school… get it? Fish, in a school? Bwa ha ha ha!

    *ducks and runs before someone smacks her*