Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

It’s Misty.  I know this letter is coming a little late, but since you’re Santa and can make wishes come true, I didn’t think you’d mind too much.  I’ve been a very good girl this year.  I’ve eaten my vegetables and tried to write something every day and I’ve been kind to the library patrons even when they were acting wacky.  I’ve kept my room clean most of the time and I haven’t once skipped work to go shopping.  I may have gone a little overboard on the peppermint ice cream this season, but it’s only available for about a month every year. 

Okay, well, peppermint ice cream binging aside, I’ve been pretty well-behaved, and there are just a few things I hope to find under the tree this year.   First, I’d love some new books.  Reading authors I love really revs my writing engine.  I’d love to find Aloha From Hell, the new Sandman Slim novel, and Merkabah Rider: Tales of a High Plains Drifter, and Southern Gods.  And maybe The Spirit Rebellion, and Geist and okay, yeah, The Deadlands Weird West Players Guide, too.  You know, when I was a kid my mom used to worry that my whole Christmas list was nothing but books, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t going away.

Music would be wonderful too.  I’d love Muse’s Black Holes and Revelations, and Abney Park’s End of Days.  And hey, while we’re at it, could I have Adele’s 21?  That girl can sing some heartache. 

Okay, those were the easy presents.  This next one is a little tougher.  If you wouldn’t mind, I could really use some more focus.  I’m working on rewriting Kestrel’s Dance, you know, and between family issues and money issues and worries about my college kid, I have trouble finding that zone.  You know the place I mean, don’t you?  It’s that mental state writers love to reach, where the creativity comes alive, where the words just spill out of my brain and onto the page like paint spilling out of a cup in a toddler’s hand.  The story’s in my head, and I’m trying to squeeze it out, I am.  The words, though, they run and hide from me, laughing at how hard I hunt for them.  I’ve tried counting, but they just giggle.  I’ve tried threatening, but they hunker down and won’t be moved.  People are asking me where the next book is, and when I try to explain that it’s stuck somewhere between my head and the paper, they look at me a little weirdly.  So a little tighter focus in the new year would be a remarkable present, just enough to draw the words out and help me trap them on the page where they belong.    

And here’s the other thing I’d like most…I’d love to see all my Magical Words friends achieve all the successes they dream of.  This one’s pretty huge, I know, and if it’s too big to wrap or you’ve run out of gift bags, I’ll understand. 

Merry Christmas, Santa.  There’ll be some homemade cookies in the living room, so help yourself.  And thanks. 

Love, Misty




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  • Ken

    Made me smile. Thanks Misty 🙂

    Oh, it’s awesome to find someone else that’s had to deal with the odd looks that came from parents looking up from THE LIST and saying, “Just books and (here I’m *Positive* they felt they were stretching their definition of the term) music?”

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Hope you find that focus. I wouldn’t look for it under the tree though. For some reason, I think that it’ll be in the stocking.


  • All I want for Christmas this year is a writing contract…or two, for all my friends and relatives to have a better and more prosperous year than the mess this one was, for the lagging portion of the human race to grow some sense and compassion, and for a boot to be shrewdly planted to the backside of 2011 on its way out the door. Let’s hope 2012 brings with it a fresh breeze to lift the spirits and a brighter year for everyone.

  • Thanks for this, Misty. I hope the coming year is a huge one for you, filled with good fortune and success, laughter and love. I assume that your boy is home from college and your basking in family life. We got our older daughter back from Costa Rica last night, and I know that I am. Much love to you and yours.

  • Great List Misty! There’s not much I want, aside from the Standard Rich and Famous Contract (and hey, if it could be presented by Orson Wells, that would be even more awesome). I want fewer distractions so that I can focus on what I need/want to focus on. I want my family to be happy. I want what Daniel wants, too. In my small moments, I want a few people I know to get coal in their stockings. I want the things that aren’t possible: peace on earth, good will toward men, and for Time Warner to get the NFL channel.

    But, I’m also happy with a lot of what I have–which your post and David’s reminded me–so thanks. And thanks to all the folks at MW–authors and posters–this is a great site and I’ve gotten a lot out of it!

  • Unicorn

    Cool list, Misty, thanks. Like you, I only have about a quadrillion books on my wishlist (not least Patrick Rothfuss’s THE WISE MAN’S FEAR) 🙂
    @ Pea Faerie: I don’t think *any* writer would be displeased to find the Standard Rich and Famous Contract in their stocking…
    P. S. Misty, my little sister currently goes around the house singing “Little Rummer Boy” at the top of her voice whenever the mood is upon her. She finds it far too amusing.

  • Razziecat

    Oooh, books and peppermint ice cream! Both so yummy! 🙂 For myself I would like Carol Berg’s The Daemon Prism (coming out Jan. 3, yay!) and Lynn Flewelling’s Casket of Souls (coming in May, I think)…and some peace & quiet so I can hear the voices of my characters more clearly. Peace sounds like a great idea all around, actually. And for everyone I know to have a better year than this one. Thanks to everyone at MW for all their wonderful posts!

  • Thanks, Misty! My list for Santa is much like yours: Books, of course. Maybe a new (large, flat screen) monitor so I can see what it is I do manage to squeeze out of my brain (gettin’ old and the eyes are weak – how come no one writes about myopic old ladies?). Energy. Yeah, I could use more of that!

    And rather than dwell on the Bad of the Past Year, I’d also like to offer thanks for the Good Things from 2011: Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends, 13 puppies (two litters), family, finding MW, a pretty good football season (War Eagle! / Go ‘Noles!), and most definitely another year with my son. Can’t complain.

    Blessed times to all of you in whichever manner you might celebrate!

  • Misty I love it!
    Hubby and I already exchanged gifts. No books, but I *did* get a Kindle Fire. I already ahve books on it!!!!!!!

  • TwilightHero

    This year I have but one wish: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson’s Towers of Midnight. Just found out it’s finally out in paperback where I am =)

    Oh wait, a little more focus…can I have that too? =D

    Merry Christmas everyone, and best wishes for 2012!!!

  • Dear Santa,
    Misty sounds like she’s been pretty good most of the year, peppermint ice cream aside. Please give her what she wants for Christmas. And if you have any of the writing headspace left over, could you send some my way. This funk is awful.
    Much appreciated,


    P.S. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012 to all the great folks at

  • Merry Christmas, Misty. I hope you get everything you’re wishing for. ♥