Crossing Over


Last week, I was invited to participate in SFSignal’s Mind Meld.  It’s a weekly feature in which the blog invites various genre professionals to answer a set question of interest to genre fans.  This week the question was “If you had the liberty to do so, what genre figures would you crossover in a book, show or film?”  It was great fun playing with ideas to cross over some of my favorite characters.  Who hasn’t ever toyed with the notion of bringing their best fictional friends together in one place?  It’s a staple of fan fiction (although sometimes the physical relationships are so farfetched they become comedy gold.  For example, these.)  In addition to the crossovers I suggested for the Mind Meld, I’ve always thought it might be fun to see superspy Michael Westen (Burn Notice) joining forces with the Leverage team.  Their missions are similar, and their combinations of skills would make for some exciting stories.  On the other hand, even though serial killer Dexter Morgan (Dexter) lives in Miami mere miles from Michael Westen, they could never work together.  Their methods are too different, and they simply wouldn’t be able to trust each other, to the point that the mission would fail.   The attraction of crossovers is in figuring out which characters would get along, or not, and how the interaction would go.  It requires an understanding of the characters whose stories you hope to blend together.  As I mentioned, in fan fiction, sometimes the crossovers are ridiculous because the characters involved have nothing emotionally in common. It’s a good exercise for getting to know your own characters, by learning what makes someone else’s characters tick. 

So today, let’s have some fun.  Tell me the genre characters you’d like to cross over.  Books, film or television, or any combination thereof.  If you want to blend your own characters to some established ones, that’s okay, too, but be careful not to fall into the Mary Sue trap.  Create your crossovers, and tell me why those characters would work well together. 


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  • Okay, given what’s going on right now, these may be obvious: But I’d love to see a Buffy/Firefly crossover. Watching Angel and Mal deal with each other could be interesting and Buffy and Mal have distinctly different moral compasses. (And Wot and Zander would probably have a lot to talk about).

    I think it would be a lot of fun for some of the USA and TNT shows to crossover. They did a couple commericals with Mary from In Plain Sight and the crazy detective from L&O: Criminal Intent with one welcoming the other. It was awkward and funny. So if I could, I’d love to see Mary and Marshall, the Leverage Crew, Westen, Annie from Necessary Roughness, Franklin and Bash, and then thrown them in an Avengers-like-world and situation–so that they’ve got to work together and be superheroes. 🙂 You know, some sort of “gee whiz, we got powers” plot for just one day.

  • Sherlock Holmes meets Harry Dresden.

  • I’ve frequently yelled at the tv when Castle and Beckett find a messed up corpse, “CALL THE JEFFERSONIAN!” It wouldn’t be Angel and Mal, but it’d be good enough for me. 😉

  • Daniel, I’ve always thought of a Castle and Bones crossover, too! I imagine Castle and Brennan meeting at a book signing, finding a dead body, then pulling both teams together to solve the mystery.

  • This isn’t very original, but I’d love to see Buffy meet up with Edward from the Twilight series, so that she can kick his sorry, sparkly ass.

  • Megan B.

    I’d like to see Frank Black from Millenium in almost any murder investigation show, but since Bones has been mentioned, I’ll go with that. Yeah, I’d be interested to see him work with Bones and the team.

  • It’ll never happen because they’re on different networks, but I’d love to see Nick Bernhardt from Grimm (NBC) get mixed up with the Castle (ABC) crew. Nick’s chasing renegade wessen in New York, probably because even though he lives in Portland now, he lived in Rhinebeck, NY as a kid. Circumstances probably vaguely related to his parents’ murder take him to the Big Apple, and get him working with the cast of Castle’s 12th Precinct. The hilarity comes from two sources: one, Nick has to make some big excuses in order to protect the truth; and two, whatever they get involved in will probably involve them getting into the wessen scene, so the 12th Precinct folks will just assume that that crowd is a bunch of crazies who *think* they’re paranormal beings. As usual, Castle will come up with one of his wild, unbelievable theories, and for once he’ll be right, but chances are, his police buddies will find some “logical” explanation for the murders. Ryan and Esposito will be tempted to believe him, though, until Beckett squashes that idea. Monroe the Blutbad will proably tag along with Nick to NY for *some* reason. And I can imagine the conversation between Monroe and Castle. Especially because Monroe, with his penchant for the arts, will be a long-time fan of Martha Rogers, Castle’s actress mother.

  • Gypsyharper

    @Daniel – I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that. 🙂

    When I was in college, my roommates and I made a film (with puppets & action figures!) that crossed Star Wars with Star Trek, with an Elvis convention in Sherwood Forest thrown in for good measure. I think the basic premise was that the Star Wars characters had to help the crew of the Enterprise retrieve Captain Picard from the Borg. Naturally it included the line, “Jean-Luc, I am your father.” I don’t actually remember how the Elvis convention and Robin Hood figured in – they must have had to land on a planet. It was completely ridiculous – but so much fun!

  • I am totally down with the Castle crossovers. And with Buffy vs sparkly-vamp-Ed, of course. But I’d also like to see Harry Dresden meets Rachel Morgan and Ivy, teaming up to fight darkness and political intrigue in the mage council. I’d like to see the Weather Wardens team up with my own air mages. And maybe have Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty team up with Mercy Thompson. 🙂

  • Unicorn

    David – Buffy vs. Edward, YES! (and I may be the only teenage girl to say that, ever).

  • Unicorn, you and my teenage daughter need to hang out….

  • Ken

    I’ll second a Harry Dresden and Rachel Morgan crossover. Equally cool would be him meeting either Joanne Walker or Jane Yellowrock for that matter. I’d like to see Castle meet Harry as well. While I’m at it, how about Rachel Aaron’s Eli Monpress meeting Harry Harrison’s “Slippery” Jim DiGriz. Gods, that would be a ride and a half.

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Hmmm, perhaps Jane Yellowrock and Sabriel. I’m curious how Sabriel’s bells would affect vampires, and it would be funny to see Beast going crazy if Sabriel played any of her ‘no, the bunny’s not dead’ tricks or if Mogget also tagged along. However, both Sabriel and Jane are very independent and competent and would probably work well together as long as they could get past both having big secrets. Contrasting the rivers of Death and New Orleans could be cool, too.

  • LJ_From_SA

    While Buffy takes care of Bella, I would like to pit Van Helsing against Jacob!

  • LJ_From_SA

    I meant Edward, but Bella can join him… 🙂

  • Doctor Who and… well, pretty much anybody. I could see hilarious ramifications from the Doctor interacting with the Star Wars universe, Castle, Buffy, or NCIS. Gibbs and the Doctor would butt heads in a surreal manner. And wouldn’t Abby make a great companion for Matt Smith?

  • Cindy

    I don’t have a teenage daughter so I don’t care about Edward and Bella. I think Harry Dresden and Jane Yellowrock working in Miami with Michael Weston from Burn Notice would be fun.

  • Oooh – I want to play. How about an Alex Craft / Harry Dresden cross-over? That would be fun.

    How about Sam Vimes in Mos Eisley? He’d arrest Han Solo, tell Luke to stop whining, and then bring down the Emperor himself even while threatening to arrest every member of the rebellion for breaking the peace.

  • Oh no! You had to ask!

    I spent two years of my life essentially writing X-Men/Criminal Minds crossovers. I had found this meme, where you wrote down the names of 12 characters and then answered questions that paired them up. One of the questions ended up being about Emily Prentiss and Emma Frost, and something clicked in my head. Their deep emotional trauma, sense of duty, care for children, tendency towards impulsive decisions… at the very least, they could respect each other. And then the worlds started blending. Hunting serial killers is much more interesting when the killers (or victims) are mutants. Then suddenly there were more possible universes, more worlds, crossovers with 1984, Supernatural, Aladdin, crossovers merging with crossovers.

    And then other people started to write the crossover too. It was crazy.

  • I have three Dreden crossovers I want to see:
    1) Pretty vampire grudge match: Thomas Raith beats Edward and Stephen (Vampire Diaries) to death for being an embarrassment.
    2) Inappropriate comments about redheads and sexual orientation: Willow borrows Bob the Skull for a weekend.
    3) Sociopath’s Party: Edward (a.k.a. Death from Anita Blake) and Kinkaid both get hired to take out the same target, or one is hired to kill a target the other is hired to protect.

  • Razziecat

    I read a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover years ago; unfortunately I only got to read Part One and I have no idea how the story ended! 🙁 Personally, I’d like to see Tom Baker’s Doctor Who go up against Star Trek’s Q…

    Book characters? Harry Dresden and Sam Vimes working a case could be fun, just because Vimes doesn’t like magic but has to sometimes concede that it’s useful. And it would be hilarious to see how he gets along (or not) with Bob the skull!

  • Megan, I’d love to see Frank Black helping out the Fringe team. Walter would drive him a little crazy, but at least Peter, Olivia and Astrid are there to be the voice of reason.

    Actually, I could happily watch Frank Black crossed over with just about any other show or book. I just loved him to pieces.

  • djstipe

    As far as TV, I think it would be cool to see Castle and Jessica Fletcher team up. To deal with the needed time travel, we could enlist Dr. Sam Becket of Quantim leap (or maybe the team from Sliders?).

    I think Dobby from Harry Potter and Jar Jar binks would have some interesting interactions.

    I think a Wheel of Time/LOTR mash up might be cool…Ents and the Green Man? The little boy in me would love to see Orks andTrollocs go at it). Thom Merrlin and Gandolph bs-ing over spiced wine.

    I’ve also thought of taking real life characters (from pop culture past) and putting them in fantasy settings. What if a young Axl Rose showed up in Middle Earth instead of Los Angeles when he left Indianna – Welcome to the Junngle would be an entirely different song. Or for the YA section, Justin Bieber is magically transported to a universe where musicians are hunted down by vampires and werewolves.

  • Happy to see so much Frank Black love. 😉 One of my favorite shows canceled before its time. It was Terry O’Quinn, the guy that played Peter Watts from the Millennium group, that pulled me into watching Lost when I realized he was on the show. Hated how they ended Millennium.

    Can’t think of too many novel characters of late. Though, Will Hawthorne and Rincewind would be a hoot, methinks. 😉

  • Dan

    I like the Jar Jar Binks/Dobby idea, djstipe. 🙂

    OK, my suggestions: I think an Austin Powers/Hulk team-up would be pretty entertaining, with the potential for many comic mishaps. Powers would be the “brains” and the Hulk would wind up inadvertently smashing things when finesse was called for. As far as literary characters go…D’Artagnan from The Three Musketeers and Reepicheep from the Narnia books would be quite the swashbuckling duo. From TV, Jim Rockford and The Twilight Zone would be interesting, maybe with Rockford dealing with some caper involving aliens.

  • Megan B.

    Now I am imagining Frank Black teaming up with Sam Vimes, and I think it would work very well. I also have to agree that it was tragic how Millenium got cancelled and ended rather crappy as a result.