We have a couple of bits of news to share with all of our fine readers.  First, we’d like to announce the launch of the Magical Words app for any Android device.  Have you ever wanted to check Magical Words on your smart phone, but hated using the browser because it takes so long?  Now you don’t have to worry about that – just download the app (available in the Android Market and Google Market Play) to your device and ta da!  With one click you’re reading Magical Words right on your phone.  If you don’t want to hunt for it, you can click on the link on the right hand side of the page (or if you can’t find that for some reason, here’s another chance.) 

But that’s not all!  We’d also like to welcome John Hartness as a member of the Magical Words team!  In his own words, John is “a teller of tales, righter of wrongs and some call him the Pompetus of Love. Okay, maybe he’s an urban fantasy and horror author from Charlotte, NC with a background in theatre and a love for friend pickles and loud music. John is the author of The Black Knight Chronicles from Bell Bridge Books, available in the fall of 2012 wherever books or ebooks are sold. He’s also the creator of the comedic horror icon Bubba the Monster Hunter, and the short stories that bear his name.

John is also the host of the YouTube series Literate Liquors, where he pairs fantasy and science fiction novels with the appropriate alcohol. Hilarity often ensues. He can be found online at and spends too much time on Twitter (@johnhartness), especially after a few drinks.”

John will be posting whenever one of the regulars needs a break, or falls ill, or is busy fighting the zombie hoard, so keep an eye out for his wisdom to appear. 


6 comments to Ch-ch-ch-changes

  • That’s awesome! Welcome, John!

  • Cool techy stuff. And welcome, John, to the already fabulous team.

  • Penijo

    The last 3 days’ posts are truncated in Google Reader. Suddenly, I have to come to the site to read IF there’s enough to catch my interest in those first few words. So, I can’t read posts from my computer without opening a new window, but I can from my phone? No thanks.

  • Just for the record, if anybody’s out fighting the zombie horde and they don’t call me, I’m gonna be grumpy! I’m really thrilled to be joining this group of talented writers. I’ve learned a lot just by hanging around them for the past year or so, and am looking forward to sharing my writer’s journey with all y’all.

  • A. R. Gideon

    I know I’m posting really late, but it’s awesome to have you here John xD

  • Also of note: I was on a long car trip on Saturday. I am *loving* the new mobile site!