Writerly Gifts


We’ve all heard the phrase “gifted writer”.  But today, I’m thinking about that term much more literally. (Okay, my thoughts are inspired because I’m heading down to  Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books, and I’ll be on a panel on Saturday, which just happens to be my birthday…)

So — literal writerly gifts.  As a writer, what gifts would you like to receive?  What if someone were giving you a $5 gift?  $500?  $5000?  (Yeah, I don’t have anyone giving me $500 or $5000 gifts either.  But I’m a writer.  I can imagine someone being that generous!)

My $5 gift would be a box of tea, in any flavor of other orange or almond (caffeinated for my morning sessions or decaf for my afternoon sessions.)

My $500 gift would be a few sessions of therapeutic massage, to get the kinks out of my neck and the ache out of my right wrist.

My $5000 gift would be a trip to Prague (and possibly Vienna and/or Budapest), to visit sites, learn more history, and meet more people, places, and things to fold into new stories.

How about you?  Let your imagination run wild!


19 comments to Writerly Gifts

  • sagablessed

    5 would be tea for me as well.
    50 would be books.
    500 would be knickknacks for me and Monster. A nice chair or cushion for me, woobies and treats for Monster, and some Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments (which sadly are illegal in my current State of residence).
    5,000 I would buy a plot of land in lower Alaska (I’ve already priced about 3-5 acres), and prep for building my home there. A nice quiet cabin away from the madness we call ‘civilized society’.

  • Let’s see – $5 could be a lovely espresso truffle. Chocolate is always an option!
    $500…yeah, I’m with Mindy on the massages.
    $5000 would be a week-long Caribbean cruise on a modern tall ship, with evening rum drinks and lots of swimming.

  • $5 – Food or drink when I need it – at a con, event or other location when I have been too busy to think about things like taking care of me and wonder why I am developing a headache and feel weepy.
    $500 – Books, in particular research books. The debate would be to clear out several from my wish list or get one of ones about $500 books.
    $5,000 – Clear out one of the student loans. Piece of mind is a wonderful gift.

  • The practical
    $5 – Small bottle of the cheap rotgut I get. I could use it this week. Course, I’d have to chip in another 45 cents, but I at least have that lying around.

    $500 – Startup for making and selling art/craftwork. Five hundred would just about get it done.

    $5000 – New Laptop and repairs on this one and on the Kindle. Or paying off some debt.

    The not so practical
    $5 – Same as above. 😉

    $500 – A LOT of rotgut…just kidding…maybe. 😉 A new office chair (I’m using a loaner because mine broke), or a gift card so I can catch up on my book buying (yes, I’m that far behind). 😉

    $5000 – Professional recording equipment (always wanted to become a voice actor for animation and such, and I can sing). Or a trip to one of the big writing conventions, all expenses paid.

    What I really need is my health back and five grand isn’t gonna cut it with all the tests and such.

  • Well, $5 can’t even buy a shot of good whiskey up here (unless you’re at the StormCrow Tavern on Thursdays), so I agree, tea is best. Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, or (my recent discovery) Darjeeling. 🙂

    $500 – Either a few bottles of Writers’ Tears, a bookstore gift card to either Chapters/Indigo or maybe Amazon, but I like being able to support Canadian companies so I’d prefer the former.

    $5000 – A trip somewhere. Either we finally go to the UK, or (as planned) we go on JoCo CruiseCrazy 2015. But it would be nice if it was covered. 🙂

  • Ken

    $5 – Tea. Jasmine, please. If you’re new to tea, Laura, Jasmine is my favorite and well worth tracking down.

    $500 – A bookstore gift card. Wow, $500 worth of books. That would be awesome 🙂

    $5000 – Trips to cons. Lots of cons.

  • mudepoz

    I’m going to go against the flow. I don’t want a gift card. I want a chronic pain to go away. I want my friends to be less stressed. I want people and their dogs to be healthy. I want to trade more orchids.

    I’m big into barter and begging. 🙂

  • quillet

    $5 – Chocolate. The good stuff (so likely *one* chocolate, hah).

    $500 – Books. Oooh, that’s a lot of books. 🙂

    $5000 – A Mediterranean cruise. Lots of stops in Greek islands, and side-trips to places like Pompei and Delphi…

  • Color me in with the group.
    5 would be tea for me too.
    50 would be books.
    500 the massages.
    5000… Now that would take a bit of planning, but a trip to a small island somewhere. The Hubs and me, just us two, and no electricity or cell coverage, but a chef and massage therapist and 2 sea-going, sit-on-top kayaks. Silence. Quiet. Lots of sleep. A wide, 2 person hammock. LOTS of sunblock. LOL

  • $5–tea would be good. I’m always on the lookout for a good decaf tea

    $50–ticket(s) to one of the local concert venues for a night of good live music

    $500–a weekend getaway. Nice hotel, nice dinner out.

    %5000–a month long getaway, with a nice car and a nice driver, just traveling around the country, going and coming whenever I wanted

  • Vyton

    $5 for Tazo’s Zen tea

    $500 for a few bottles of Writer’s Tears (Laura, I have to get some of that)

    $5,000 for a nice, quiet cabin to drink it in.

  • $5 — A basic spiral notebook. I can always find use for a new notebook.

    $500 — An update to Adobe’s Creative Suite (update, mind you — I have it already and know I can update it for this much). My web site could use a bit of a facelift.

    $5000 — Well, there’s this REALLY nice acoustic guitar I have my eye on….

  • Looks like Writer’s Tears will be going on my Christmas wish list. 😉

  • Daniel and Vyton – it’s available in North America (or at least up here in Canada). And it is *delicious*. My critique partner and I have a bet going on right now. We’re both querying our novels. The first one to get an agent or publishing offer (depending) buys the a bottle of WT, which shall be promptly opened and shared. 🙂

    Ken – Jasmine never quite did it for me, but I’m also a fan of English Breakfast.

  • $5 would be a hot cup of spiced chai.
    $50 would be dinner with a friend
    $500 weekend trip to the coast
    $5000 I’m so with everyone on the trip idea. But so many places to choose from: Francis, London, Ireland, Belize, Costa Rica–Yeah, I’d love to get to do a little traveling.

    I’d like to find some Writer’s Tears here. Haven’t seen it yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not around. I keep searching. But if anybody from CA is going to come down for Orycon, Miscon, Spocon, or possibly Norwescon, do let me know 😀

  • Razziecat

    $5 – coffee and a biscotti at my favorite local coffeehouse.
    $500 – new laptop, one with a battery that lasts several hours.
    $5000 – research trip, of course! British Isles, then Poland and Germany.

    And Happy Birthday, Mindy!

  • Vyton

    Thanks, Laura.
    Happy Birthday, Mindy.

  • $5 – Triple shot latte, please (not a tea drinker!)
    $50 – A week’s worth of dog food (5 pit bulls eat a LOT of dog food. Or more coffee.
    $500 – Massages. Several of ’em.
    $5000 – A dialysis cruise for my son to the Yucatan that includes tours of the Mayan ruins. Of course, I’d come along, too. 🙂 For the complimentary massages and free coffee.

  • So many options…

    $50 – books! So many novels in my Amazon shopping list already.

    $500 – academic books! Those suckers are expensive.

    $5000 – Travel to WisCon and DragonCon. I would love to get to more cons.

    OR (because I can’t make up my mind)

    $50 – back massage
    $500 – I’d buy myself a tablet with keyboard so I could do my personal writing not on my work laptop.
    $5000 – I’d pay to have the furniture I inherited from my grandmother shipped to me from Vermont. If there was any left over, I’d use it to go on a writer’s retreat.