Friday Fundamentals — Track Changes, Pages Edition


Hi there! I know many of our regulars are off having fun at ConNooga, so I’m going to hold down the fort here on Magical Words and talk about track changes some more! Since we talked about using Word for Mac last week, I’m going to keep to the Mac theme for one more week. When I’m back in two weeks, I will do the same for PC.

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First, all of the track changes options are a little harder to find in Pages. But, honestly, I think it’s a whole lot easier to use.

Main Screen


The image above is your main screen and the part that’s marked is where you toggle track changes on and off and where you add comments. So easy!

Changing the View

In Pages, there are fewer options for seeing the changes, but they’re all clean and easy to read. There’s a little gear on the upper right corner when track changes are toggled on. That’s where all your options are hidden.

Hidden Options


My favorite option is that you can change the author colors. 🙂

This is where you can accept/reject all changes as well.

As you can see, there are fewer options than on Word, but the snazzy sidebar far makes up for it.

Sidebar Awesomeness

The sidebar is the reason I love pages so much. Do you see that purple line? I didn’t put that there! It shows up automatically when you click on a tracked change and points you to where the change was made in the document. You can accept and reject the individual changes from this area.

Now, there’s another neat feature that the sidebar can do. You can choose to have the sidebar list the changes in time order or page order, so you can go through the document in the traditional way or go through and look at past changes. This is especially cool if you’re doing multiple edits to the same file, which happens fairly often in publishing.

Here’s a look at that:

View Options - Sidebar

Isn’t that neat? Also, when you’re using Pages, you can export the file as a .doc or .pdf, so it’s quite flexible. (Sorry, y’all…I just really enjoy this program!)

That’s all folks!


That was a little shorter (and simpler) than the Word post, but the program is a little easier to use, in my opinion. Until next time!

Write hard, y’all.

— Melissa


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