Friday Fundamentals: Post Con Wrap Up


Hello and happy Friday!

Today I’m going to ramble a bit, I think, talking about some of the things I picked up at ConCarolinas this year.

I was on a bunch of panels this year, covering topics from mental health to marketing. Tamsin already talked about the mental health panel, which was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but I’m really glad I did. So I wanted to talk about the other things I learned this past weekend.

Newsletters / Marketing

Many of the panels I sat on had something to do with social media, eCommerce, or marketing. One thing was consistent throughout. Newsletters are vital. You should start compiling a mailing list as soon as you plan to publish something. That doesn’t mean that you should flood their inbox every time you finish a chapter, but having those contacts early help ensure a good launch.

Here are some of the resources I gathered

Mail Chimp — good for creating mailing lists and newsletters

Book Funnel — distributes ebooks directly to your readers

Got Print — cheap printing (cheaper than VistaPrint but less user friendly)

Bitly — URL shortener

Broad Universe — international, non-profit dedicated to helping women writers and editors

TweetDeck — Twitter on steroids

HootSuite — social media manager

Editors’ Pet Peeves

One of my favorite panels of the weekend was the panel where we got to talk about all the things that editors want you to do and the things that you should not do!

Here are a few tips:

  • Learn to use email properly
  • Learn to use track changes
  • Spell the editor’s name right
  • Follow directions
  • Name your file properly
  • Read the online call information before submitting
  • Learn how to do an email attachment
  • Get Microsoft Word
  • Do what the person asks, even if it sounds stupid, because there’s probably a reason
  • Use the editing tools offered in your word processor, like spell check

That’s all for today. Hopefully these resources will be useful to you! Write hard, dream big, and follow directions.

~ Melissa ~


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