You Know What They Say About Assumptions…


I debated the opening of this post about a zillion times. Do I start by asking whether you know how many assumptions you make in a day? It’s a silly question. Of course you don’t. Without even thinking about it, you assume your orange juice will taste like oranges, that your coffee or tea will taste as it always has…unless you’ve that day forgotten the sugar…that the sky will be blue or some variation thereof… The point is that we make countless assumptions on a daily basis, based on our experiences and expectations.

Novelists do the same. I’m rereading my second novel now (VAMPED, the first in my series by the same name) because the rights have reverted, and I’m going to be bringing out a new digital edition. And you know what…I felt so deeply the connection between my two main characters, I expected the readers to feel it as well. I never understood criticism that I had to dig deeper. To me, it was there. All of it. How could anyone not see it?

Now I know better. I’ve learned so much writing later novels. I’ve come so far. The anthropologist in me wants to preserve this first novel as it was, like a fly in amber, a stage in my evolution. Another part of me wants to apply everything I’ve learned since. The truth is that I will tweak but more or less let the book stand. I still love it, love these characters, especially love my fans who saw in the book what I saw, but…I can’t help but tinker.

I’m sure that when I’m on my twentieth novel I’ll look back on my Latter-Day Olympians series and want to tweak the bejeebers out of it as well. But right now…right now, I’m in love with it. For those of you who don’t know, the first two books (BAD BLOOD and CRAZY IN THE BLOOD) are out in both print and digital, the third (RISE OF THE BLOOD) is out in digital and coming in print September 2nd and the third, BATTLE FOR THE BLOOD, will be out in digital shortly thereafter. I love this one too, flaws and all..and there are undoubtedly flaws. This is why authors never blurb their own books (among other reasons). We’d say things like, “There are parts of this novel that are surprisingly good.” Or “Sections of this actually don’t suck.” But what we really mean is that we hope you’ll share our delusions of grandeur, our fantasies (and fantasy worlds) and love our creations the way that we do.

In so many ways, I feel that Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN was really about writing, with the monster being the way we view our novels, rejecting them at first for their flaws and yet sending them out into the world that way to fight for their own existence. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Or too little. But the truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all hope that you’ll love our little monsters. I know I do.


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  • quillet

    “Sections of this actually don’t suck.” Hey, that’s what I say about my work! 😀 Seriously, though, it’s hard to see the flaws in our work because we’re so close to it, and at the same time strangely hard not to see them — for the same reason. All we can do is our best, I guess.

    As for rewriting, Michael Moorcock has often revised some of his older works. Makes his bibliography rather convoluted, but you know, if he can do it…… 😉

  • Quillet, thanks so much! I just wonder if I’d be closing the barn door after the horse has fled!

  • Lucienne — you are revamping REVAMPED? (fangirl face-fanning)I just read VAMPED, so this explains why I could not currently get the second and third book in the series. I was able to get the digital version of FANGTABULOUS, the fourth book, and despite the reading gap I loved it. (Your writing makes me laugh and cry.) Kudos to you on your obvious hard work in researching Salem, and conveying those facts in an interesting way within the story. Despite not — yet — reading the two books in between I felt you summed up and introduced the new characters in a wonderful way. I enjoyed the way the relationship between Gina and Bobby had grown beyond casual dating to loyalty, and partners in heroism.

    I was hoping to read a fifth book in the series but my patience will be fueled by the knowledge that an improved version of the missing books will be available in a digital format. (Hopefully, it will be as fun for you to “revamp” as it is for your fans to read!)

    Do you have an estimate on its completion, and availability?

    If not, you leave me wanting more: I love your writing style and your books for that.

  • Maria Kay, thank you so, so much! I should have the new versions of VAMPED and REVAMPED up in about a week or two. You should still be able to get the digital and print of FANGTASTIC (the third book), since that one’s still in print. It’s funny how much was in my head that I don’t feel made it completely to the page. I’m so glad that readers filled in the blanks! I do plan to write a new short story in the series for my fans, but a YA thriller hijacked me before I could get there. (That and my Latter-Day Olympians series, which everyone thinks is also vampires because of the “Blood” titles, but is actually modern-day Greek gods with a part gorgon heroine!)

  • Thanks for the update, Lucienne! I look forward to reading more from you. As a teaser — my sister and I — read the first page of “Bad Blood” and squealed in excitement. We got all three books of the Latter-Day Olympians series and pre-ordered “Battle for Blood” … anxiously awaiting Sept. 16th release date!

    Now I need to sink my teeth into FANGTASTIC!

    ~ A Fangless Fan in Phoenix~

  • You’re so welcome! Just discovered that I have rights back to FANGTASTIC as well. Sorry I misspoke about the availability right now, but I’ll get on it!

  • I binged at the book buffet, bit the bullet and bought FANGTASTIC in paperback. I’m a Kindle freak but I figure I can use my multi-colored markers to highlight all the good parts! (The whole book may be one giant rainbow… but what fun!)