Shameless self-promotion & fandom


My post is late today because I just spent a fruitless hour doing one of those fun flow charts to direct you to my work, considering that my publisher Flux currently has the first in my Vamped series, called (quite creatively, I thought) VAMPED, available for FREE on Kindle and Nook.  I want to shout it from the rooftop, but I hear that’s not a very effective form of marketing and that my neighbors have requested that I stop.  Unfortunately, while the chart shows up all nice and pretty on my computer here at home, I can’t seem to get the picture to load.  So, here I am with a shameless self-promotion post without even bringing the clever pic to entertain you while I call out like a carnival shill, “Buy my books!”  (Oh please!)

Pretty flow chart aside, I do want to talk about a little something for everyone.  Do you like urban fantasy?  Why, I have just the thing: my Latter-Day Olympians series, full of murder, myth, magic and mayhem.  Greek gods in modern-day LA.  A ghoulish murder.  A part-gorgon heroine who can’t actually turn men to stone but has been known to stop them in their tracks.  The first two are out: BAD BLOOD and CRAZY IN THE BLOOD (this one in digital, print to be released in July 2013), and I’m currently working on the third, which should be available in digital next fall, all from Samhain Publishing.

Do you like young adult fiction?  Fangs, fun and fabulosity?  Well, have I got the series for you?  (Actually, that’s a rhetorical question.)  OF COURSE!  It’s the Vamped series from Flux Books.  Did I mention that the first one’s free, at least until Halloween?  A quick tagline for this one: Undead or undercover, fangs are always in fashion.  This series has it’s very own music video, and three books already out, no waiting: VAMPED, REVAMPED and FANGTASTIC.  (Quick note: Books at Park Place currently has copies of all three signed and ready for order.)  The fourth, FANGTABULOUS, the best yet in my book, will be out in January!  That one is set in Salem, Mass… for my money, the most haunted town in America.

What, you don’t have a lot of time to read and so you prefer smaller bites? There’s always the wonderful FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES and STRIP-MAULED anthologies from Baen Books, edited by Esther Friesner.  Or, if you prefer non-fiction, the DEAR BULLY anthology from HarperTeen, which has rightfully received a bunch of accolades, including the 2012 Popular Paperbacks list from YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association) and write-ups in magazines like Psychology Today and Justine Magazine.


Whew, with that out of the way, I want to touch base on something I was reminded of this weekend: fandom is awesome!  My husband, son and I went to Necronomicon this past weekend.  I was there as a guest and an author for this con – not that I didn’t sometimes don my agent hat, but this was something I did out of my own (not my agency) budget, and so I felt freer not to be all-business-all-the-time and to have some fun.  I was reminded how absolutely wonderful it is to have a community so accepting, so friendly and with such a shared love of all things geek and goth that strangers will strike up conversations over the making of HALO armor or Magic the Gathering or…nothing at all, just meeting up on the dance floor of the Necronomi-Prom.  I loved it, I love my sf/f community, and I wish the whole world could know the same kind of acceptance and belonging. 


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  • Flow charts or no, there is always room on MW for shameless self-promotion! And as one who has recently read the first two LATTER-DAY OLYMPIAN novels, I can tell all of you that the books are fun, funny, exciting, sexy, and well worth a read. Best of luck with all the books, Lucienne!

  • Thank you so much, David!!

  • Razziecat

    Hmmm, since you caught me without any new books to read, a week off and perfect stay-home weather, I do believe I’ll have to go check those out! They sound like a ton of fun!

    And to all those on MW who live along the East coast, head for higher-dryer ground if you need to, and please stay safe!

  • Razziecat, perfect! I hope you enjoy. And I second your comments on the storm. I feel for everyone caught in it!