Literate Liquors Episode 11


As our dear friend A.J. would say, “Bollocks!” Sorry I’m late today, life got away from me. I’m flying solo on this week’s Literate Liquors, but I’ll have a special guest next week. This week I’m pimping stuff by friends, in particular the Weird Western anthology that you may have heard Misty and I mention once or twice. I’m also promoting the Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter, not that it needs much help from me, since it funded within a few minutes. But it’s edited by the amazing Seanan McGuire (AKA Mira Grant) and is dedicated to giving voice to people all too frequently unheard in genre fiction. Gay rights and equality have been big issues for me for a long time, so I’m happy to support this KickStarter any way I can.

So Here’s this week’s Literate Liquors!

And Here’s a link to Queers Destroy Science Fiction!


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