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This is going to be one of those short little “here’s where we all are, come visit” posts that I give you when the rest of my life explodes and I don’t have much writing advice to give. As a lot of you know, I’m a theatre guy as well as a writer. Tuesday night one of the leaders of the local theatre community passed away, and I’m still pretty upset about it, so I apologize for not having much advice for aspiring writers this week. I will give you one thing, though – if there’s someone who inspires you, let them know. One of the highlights of my career as a writer was meeting Mercedes Lackey at Dragon*Con two years ago and taking the opportunity to tell her how much her books changed my worldview and made me a different person than I was before I read them. I hope to get the chance to thank Jim Butcher for writing The Dresden Files and giving me a career when I meet him at this year’s Dragon*Con. And I’ll never forget the look on one Misty Massey’s face when she met Tim Powers early this year. So if there’s someone who’s been an influence to you, or has helped your career in some way, kinda like Faith and Misty have done for me, take a minute to say thanks. 

Thanks, ladies, I owe you a lot and love you both. 

And if you want to tell Faith or David anything in person, I suggest you trek on over to The BookKnack in Rock Hill, SC tonight (6-8PM), because they’re doing a joint signing. That means they’re signing books together, not that they’re signing funny cigarettes. If you live in Charlotte and for whatever reason can’t make it down the road to York County’s best indie bookstore, stop in to Charlotte’s best indie bookstore tonight (7-9PM) to meet Alex Bledsoe and get a copy of his new book signed. I met Alex at JordanCon this year and fell in love with his novels of the Tufa. It’s a Southern Gothic fantasy series with music, magic and hillbillies. What could be better, right? 

And if that doesn’t fill your burning desire for signed books, come on down to Cola-town (that’s Columbia, SC for the uninformed) this weekend and get your copy of The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil autographed by me and a ton of the other writers in the anthology. We’ve got eight or nine folks coming to town with short stories in the book, and we’ll talk about short story writing, anthology creation and other stuff. James Tuck will be there, and anytime you get me and Tuck in a room together, hilarity ensues. So go get a books signed, or better yet, get a bunch of books signed. And use the comments today to give a shoutout to your influences and heroes. 


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  • mudepoz

    I was just starting Kindergarten in Saratoga. My father held book release parties at the house and Robert Heinlein had just released something. Apparently there were too many people there, and he needed a breather. I was not supposed to be awake, and I was watching from the top of the stairs. Apparently, he liked red-headed kids. We went to the playroom and he tried to teach me chess.

    It took years before I could read his books and understand them, but I wanted to be just like him.
    Alas, while I ended up a scientist, I can’t write science fiction, nor have I been able to find my inner adult to write grown-up stories. But while I was young, and met many authors, for some reason, Heinlein stood out. Okay, so Harold Robbins made me feel weird, but that doesn’t count.

  • mudepoz

    (And Faith is the best butt kicker in the world. Though I wonder if she realizes it’s hard to put butt in chair after it’s been booted?)

  • Razziecat

    Sorry to hear of the loss of one your theatre folks. I hear what you’re saying about letting people know how much they (and their work) mean to you. I was able to meet Andre Norton at WorldCon 1989 and told her that her books were what got me reading and writing science fiction & fantasy. I have to give a lot of that credit to my brother, too; he was a fan before I was, and he gave me my first SF books. 🙂

  • Vyton

    We have lots of friends in theater in Atlanta, and there are some very close bonds forged in that world. Sorry for the loss. Thanks for those venues, even though I can’t make any of them. Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit Will Travel was the book I remember for starting me on science fiction. I really have enjoyed his books. It must have been something to meet him, even when you were young.

  • *hugs* Sorry for your loss, John. I’m grateful for all of you at Magical Words, and all of the writers I’ve met who I’ve learned from. What you do matters. It makes a huge difference in people’s lives, mine included. <3

  • Hugs, John. And thank you. 🙂 I’m honored.