Appearances for the rest of 2013


Yeah, con season is definitely over when I look at my calendar and it’s – wait, what do you mean I don’t get weekends off? 

Between the last few son and signing events, holidays and work travel, the end of the year is pretty busy. But here’s a quick primer on where to find me from now until January. 

This weekend – Me, Misty and FOMW Emily Leverette, AJ Hartley and Stuart Jaffe will be in Charleston along with awesome Carolina writers like Marcia Collette, Alexandra Christian, S.H. Roddey, Talley Johnson and a slew of other folks for Atomacon. You can click here for the schedule to stalk us. Since I’m not programmed on anything Friday night, I’ll either be in the hotel bar or at The Green Dragon in North Charleston playing Friday Night Magic. If you’re in the lowcountry this weekend, please come out and say hi! This is a first-year con, which always makes me a little nervous, but it is in one of my favorite cities in the world, so that helps. 

Next weekend I’ll be with Misty again (jeez, people are gonna start to talk) along with Gail Martin, AJ and a bunch of other folks for the Time Traveler’s Weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I’m really looking forward to this, because I get to hang out with cool writer types, eat huge-ass turkey legs, drink beer and watch jousts! What could be better? The awesome folks at Park Road Books are handling the books, so I don’t even have to carry the heavy stuff! Woo-Hoo!

Then I’m going to Las Vegas for work. I know, cry me a river, right? Then Thanksgiving, with hopes of an awesome meal topped off by the Cowboys getting crushed (sorry, I’m a Tom Landry-era Cowboys fan, so I kinda hate them now). 

Then I’ll be hanging with Dave and Rick at the best one-day comic show in the Carolinas – Charlotte Comicon! Seriously, there is no better place to do your Christmas shopping than this show. It’s got toys, collectibles, trade paperbacks, original art, signed prints, and of course – my books! That’s gonna be Sunday, December 6th from 10-4, so don’t miss out! I love this show and am thrilled that they have grown so big in just a few short years. 

Then I’m done with cons for a while. I’m working on some signings and in-stores in the early part of 2014, but nothing is locked in yet. If you want to see me in your town, just get a bookstore to hit me up. I’ll drive pretty much anywhere within a couple hundred miles of Charlotte. Hope to see you between now and the end of the year! 


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