When I Write *The End!!!*


Catie blogged yesterday about finishing a monster-sized-word-count book, and what she’ll do to rest between this one and the next one. I have joked here and on other blogs about what I’ll do when I finish Skinwalker, the first in the Jane Yellowrock series. Mostly ripping out the overgrown foliage in the front garden. And yeah, I’ll do that. But to relax and enjoy some of life, there has to be more than root-ripping.


Misty dances, David takes pictures and spends time with his family.  It’s been so long since I had an actual break between books that I am a bit lost.  What *will* I do? For an entire month???? Starting next Thursday…. OMG that sounds wonderful!


First, I am going to be part of ConCarolina with Misty and David. The panel schedule is *brutal,* but it sounds like fun. After, I’ll take the hubby out to dinner. We’ve survived the last few months on take out and sandwiches, so a real meal with waiters and wine is definitely called for.


I just bought new black rugs for the entrance and parlor, so I need to paint the parlor. I call it my parlor because it’s too small to be called a living room. You *might* get six people in it. After that, folks have to sit on each others’ laps. Which could be fun, I suppose, but I digress. Where was I? Oh, yeah.


I want to paint the parlor walls. They are currently a soft dove gray, and I want to marbleize them in charcoal, medium gray, and two shades of tannish-beige. Well, that doesn’t sound exciting, but it make me happy.  I also will make some jewelry. I love making jewelry and I have made *nothing* in over eight months. I bought really gorgeous stones and pearls and have been itching to get my hands on them!


I intend to take some more kayaking lessons and run the Upper and Lower Green River several times, getting better at my paddling skills. I want to learn how to do an Eskimo roll. Really badly! Wait, I mean I really badly want to roll a kayak Eskimo roll really well. Humph. Anyway, I recently went upside down on the Green, at the bottom of a small rapid, and it would have been nice to be able to turn over instead of pulling my kayak skirt and swimming a boatful of water to shore.


I intend to spend this off-time searching for funding for the writing program I want to provide for South Carolina schools, paying it back to the schools who helped me become a writer. I have no idea how I will do find funding, but I want to try. *Try? There is no try!* LOL


I also need to plan PR programs for my next books (Gwen’s and Faith’s) which I’ll blog on this summer. PR is crucial to writers these days and I’ve been brainstorming ways to get word about my upcoming books into print, spread over the web, and other places, hopefully with the additional push from, with, and about my co-bloggists. My agent just left her old agency for a new one and I followed her. I am hoping the new agency will have PR ideas. The web is so saturated that a writer now needs something more, something new and vibrant to get her/his work noticed. One thought, maybe I’ll write a couple of short stories and post them on the web, giving back to the fans for free.  I have a question for the readers here, would that make you happy to read new stuff for free?  I was thinking of a forum for free stories, to draw in readers to try new books, authors, etc. And writers? What do you think about it?


What else? Ah! Sleep. Lots of sleep. Long summer naps. Maybe take a summer belly-dance class. *Waves to Misty*


Downtime is pretty boring, I guess. It sounded a lot sexier when Catie talked about it. But the most important thing I’ll do is rest. Maybe put my muse into some pants and take him for a stroll. *grins*







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  • *bursts out laughing* What, it sounded sexy because it was somebody else talking about it? Because your time off sounds a lot more fun to me than mine! 🙂

    -Catie, still laughing 🙂

  • Beatriz

    “One thought, maybe I’ll write a couple of short stories and post them on the web, giving back to the fans for free. I have a question for the readers here, would that make you happy to read new stuff for free? ”

    I love getting a taste of a new author before I plunk down my $$. Discovering I like an author’s style will definately encourage me to buy book– and more often than not, more than one book while I’m shopping instead of my usual “buy one and take it for a test drive” routine.

    Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  • PR? I’d be happy to read and review hard copies. Unfortunately, Penguin US won’t ship review copies internationally, and Harlequin hasn’t replied to any of my messages.

    Anyway, let me know what I can do to help out.

    Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  • Todd Massey

    Free stories: Yes and no.

    I think free short stories (especially tie-ins) are very good for an author to utilize. The stories work to introduce a new series, expand a series, create opportunity for the author to produce additional back story etc…

    Unless you have the ability and are willing to commit the time I think a new forum or outlet to suck your precious time away is inadvisable.

    Even if submissions could be handled/posted automatically you would still need a human reviewer to make sure general content stayed on track. There are already sites around that do the free story bit, not to say there isn’t room for another one or one that fills a specific niche but it would be a full time task.

    I feel an author’s time, in creating short stories, would be better utilized just posting them to their own personal site and then finding ways to broadcast them (videos of the author reading or podcast readings would be extra special ways to get the short story out into the world). Fan people love this type of stuff.

    **Side note** Authors often talk of having a variety of expansive notes as their world grows bigger and more novels are produced. An online extension of this would be a Wiki. Creating a Wiki for your world would be a great advertising tool. An author could create a growing encyclopedia for their world. All your characters, backgrounds, language, weapons, clothing ( all the worldbuilding details and notes) could be right there for fans to indulge in. And the Wiki could be locked so that the public could not add to it. Only the author or authorized users could post content. **End side note**

    Personally, if I were interested in a novel or loved a world that had been created, I would be excited for the author to fill the gap between published novels with back story or world expanding short stories to carry me deeper and create a better bond with the author, characters (additional characters) and the world.

  • The Wiki idea is a great one, and I’d second that, Faith. I think writing short stories is a great idea, but then sell them to magazines (hard copy or e-zines). I’ve sold two so far this year — both will be out this summer, I think — and I anticipate that they’ll bring me some new readers. But posting stuff free to the site, while it rewards the loyal readers, doesn’t bring in new readers the way a published story would. On the other hand, writing background/worldbuilding stuff and posting that also rewards your readers, but with stuff that’s not really marketable in any other way (unless you happen to be J.K. Rowling). I did a fair amount of this with Winds of the Forelands, and I think my readers have enjoyed it. Check out my site and look under “Books ‘n such” and then “Winds of the Forelands.” From there you can see maps, read histories and also read a short story I sold in ’02, which I posted on the site a year later.

  • As a HPE teacher I have the dubious pleasure of teaching teenagers to eskimo roll in kayaks, albeit we are in a large swimming pool rather than the river here as it’s infested with large salt water crocodiles that are man eaters… I’ve offered to take the classes on the river to help out with behaviour management but my Head of Dept said no. So on that thought enjoy the Green River and rolling around in it.
    The Wiki idea sounds great.
    Congrats on finishing another book.

  • You guys gave me great ideas!

    I love the Wiki idea, Todd. Had never heard of such!
    I’ll do some research on it.

    I have on the website pages of info about Thorn’s world and they are well received, except I’ve been too busy to update them recently. I need to get back to that.

    David, you are so right about the selling to an online zine. So much smarter!

    Tez, most publishers don’t respond to anything, sadly. But Harlequin has an Ausi branch. Have you tried to track them down locally rather than through a web site?

    Thank you all so much for input!
    Oh — and Catie — your rest did sound a lot better than mine!