The End


😳  I was just feeding the dogs when my subconscious yelled, “Oh My God, It’s Wednesday!” Yeah. I’d forgotten to set this post up. Therefore, it’s late. Sorry! Mea culpa. Which leads me into the topic quite nicely, actually. 

Since it’s end of the year, my subconscious has been looking back over the last 12 months, thinking and evaluating and indulging in its usual self-flagellation and back-patting approval. One I can’t help—I was born a self-castigator. The other I have had to be taught. Maybe it’s that raised-with-Christian-guilt thing, I dunno, but seeing the good in myself and my world was not easy when I was younger. It’s a lot easier now that I have put in a few miles walking in my own shoes. I’ve gained a more yin-yang acceptance of light and dark, good and bad, and maybe, a few times in my life, even
found a moment of Zen. (How’s that for a world view of religion/philosophy?)

So, I thought I’d share (in no particular order) some of the good things in this world of writing. Maybe some of the bad will creep in too. It usually does with me. That whole yin-yang thing, dontcha know. Anyway, things I’m happy with and about:

I am loving the look of the website. MagicalWords looks great. The search feature is easier to use, and the page is pretty! And—oops. I’d volunteered to handle the bio page and, um, I haven’t. Dang. Sigh… See? I still have a hard time seeing only the good. But I’m working on it.

Christina Stiles and I are just about (FINALLY) ready to launch the Kickstarter project for the Rogue Mage Role Playing Game and World Book. This project has been over four years in the making. Wow. It is nearly ready!

This year I hired a PR person, and am seeing some positive things coming from that. It’s still too soon to evaluate how successful it has been, but we’ll know in a couple of months, and I am feeling good about it.

My own website is undergoing a facelift. It should be ready to launch when the new book—Raven Cursed—comes out on Jan 3. Oh, yeah. The career. I think it’s really starting to pick up speed. That is a huge one! Cat Tales has pretty respectable numbers at Amazon, even though it was only available in the US at first. It’s now been released to Canada and has been picked up by a small press to launch to other English speaking countries. Interesting way that worked out, and I didn’t even
get my panties twisted about it all!

I attended some great Cons and got to meet old fans and make new ones. I got to visit with my pals too, and that is always huge! Writers live in such a vacuum that it’s hard to keep up with everyone—you know—both the people in inside my head and outside in the real world.

I wrote two books, a novella, and a short. I didn’t meet my resolutions, but I’m happy about it all. My health is not bad, and I am beginning to get over the effects of a bad fall back before Thanksgiving. It’s all good. Yeah. It really is!

Look at that. Not much of the bad things. Maybe I’ve grown some after all. It’s been a good year. If you want to list some of the good things that have happened to you, or that you accomplished, please do! Even when life is hard, there *some* good things.



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  • Faith, glad you’re recovering from the fall. And thanks for sharing the good (and bad) with us. Too often people only give the good and it sounds surreal. Paint life as you see it, with all the colors and the gray. It’s been fun hearing about all your successes this year and I hope the RPG is a hit. Keep us posted about the results of having a PR person. Very curious.

    About the website, I don’t know if it’s a result of the update, but my RSS feed is actually updating on the same day as a post where before it wouldn’t update for days. Instead of being late to the party, maybe now I can participate with the rest.

    Happy holidays and have a great new year.

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Yes, yes. I think you should definitely be doing some good back patting this year.

    For myself, I’m still almost 30,000 words away from finishing the overhaul revision on my WIP, but I actually feel like I’ve made pretty good progress this year and am starting to believe that I WILL reach the end.

    Also, Edmund’s recent offer to take a look at people’s short-story intros gave me the extra oomph I needed to actually finish the first draft of a story that had been sitting on my computer for years, and I’d come to believe that was NEVER going to happen. This is doubly nice, because one of my project ideas involves writing a number of short stories, and I sort of need to learn how to do that before I can proceed.

  • I like this back patting idea! Okay, for one thing, I sent my second Urban Fantasy novel out on query earlier this year, KNOWING that it was done and as good as it was going to get (and at peace with that knowing). I also started right in on a new UF novel. And +70K words into the new one, I also KNOW that this one is so much better than the last (and why), and am excited to finish it! Imagine what I’ll KNOW this time next year! I also appreciate finding MAGICAL WORDS (and yes, I bought the book this year, too), and the entire community of bloggers and readers here. Finding all this wonderful advice and experience from people whose books I enjoy and whose experince in my genre is so rich, has been wonderful. I started my own (Blogger) blog this year myself, and I can appreciate how much discipline and time it can take from your WIP. Reading you guys (both the blog and the comments!) every day always inspires me, regardless of the topic! Thank you!

  • Unicorn

    Congrats on all your accomplishments, Faith. I simply can’t imagine writing two books in a single year, never mind the novella and short story…
    As for me, I started doing my first round of revisions ever, and it’s been a lot harder than I’d ever guessed. It took almost a year to write the (embarrassingly too long) first draft of the novel and I figured that revising it wouldn’t take anywhere near as long. Well, in late January, it’ll be a year since I started the second draft and I’m still only halfway through, though picking up speed. Momentum has been my biggest problem, but I’m determined to finish this novel and polish it till it shines, no matter how many drafts that takes.
    Oh, and I also started writing the first draft of another novel, nearing about 35 000 words now. Maybe I can keep it under 100 000 words this time! It would make a nice change.
    Thanks for the post.

  • You had a big year, Faith — well-deserved, I might add. I am so happy for you. Seeing you enjoy the success that you have worked so hard to earn has been a highlight of the year for all of us here at MW.

    I’ve had a productive twelve months, which is good, because without an original release in 2011, this could have felt like a lost year. I built the D.B. Jackson website (, finished writing and then revised a YA novel, wrote an urban fantasy novel, revised both Thieftaker novels (and got through the copyedits on the first one), and wrote four shorts. I’ll be writing about my plans for 2012 on Monday, but thanks for this opportunity to remind myself that I really did get a few things done this year.

    Happy New Year, friend. I’m very fortunate to have you in my life.

  • Razziecat

    I’m not as accomplished as you guys, but I do feel good about what I learned this year. Participating in NaNoWriMo taught me something amazing: If I can write 50K words in 30 days, I could write 100K in 60 days. And writing every day without fail quickly wipes out the idea that one must be “inspired” to write. My novel’s not finished yet but I’m approaching the end. Thanks to Edmund I also understand what’s wrong with the short story I most want to finish. I’m getting more organized with my writing & setting priorities. And, I learned that I can write something on the spur of the moment for a prompt. I want to thank everyone here at MW for the encouragement, inspiration and wonderful advice you’ve given all year. Happy New Year to you all! 🙂

  • Way to go, Faith!

    Let’s see. Here’s the good things that happened for me this year:

    I launched my blog, which is mostly about writing and the epiphanies I’ve been making along the way (and also contains all of the notes I take at conventions/conferences).

    I finally finished the rewrites of my novel, SIGN OF THE STAR. And then last week I realized why it took me so long, so I’m feeling good about writing the sequel and fully believe it will take way less time (phew).

    I pitched to an agent at SiWC this year and it went so well that I got asked for a full. I got rejected, but it was a *personalized* rejection, and I was able to make changes from that which got me amazing feedback from subsequent beta readers.

    I love that the MW Betas have progressed to the point where some of us are exchanging full manuscripts, which is very useful.

    I am building a list of agents to query regarding SotS, and intend to do so in the weeks to come.

    One of my friends in the webcomic community found an artist he thought suitable to draw my main character, so that was fun.

    And not exactly writing-related, but noteworthy all the same: a friend of my father opened up a hyperbaric oxygen treatment facility, and I got the chance to have several sessions, which have given me more energy and have put many of my more troubling MS symptoms into remission.

    This has been a fantastic year, even though I wasn’t quite as successful as I’d originally hoped. 🙂

  • James R. Tuck

    Well, 2011 had a lot of high points for me. I prepared the first book in my contract for publication (BLOOD AND BULLETS out 2/7/12 from Kensington), wrote book two, wrote 2 novellas, 5 short stories, and a screenplay for my zombie short story to be made into an indie film next year.

    Plus I got to go to Dragoncon as a professional author where I had the pleasure of meeting both Faith Hunter and David B. Coe (along with a ton of other great authors). I also got to guest at the Dahlonega Lit Fest.

    I convinced my publisher, Kensington, to sign me to a second contract for novellas set in the Deaconverse which was a score for me AND has them doing somethign they have never done before. This is the first time they have contracted novellas for e-book only release.

    And my family was healthy and happy all year.

    So 2012 I have a lot of goals. More conventions (5 booked so far), an indie film to get shot, more books to write (book 3 is due end of Feb), and getting an agent. Along with deepening my friendships with the great folks I met in 2011 and enjoying my family even more.

    I am going to kick 2012’s ass. 🙂

  • As we say here in the South — Y’all done good!