The Day Of


It isn’t my day. Okay, it isn’t anyone’s day, because we take Sundays off. But I just got in, unpacked the RV, and fed the dogs. I have walked through the house and looked at the HUGE pile of laundry. I didn’t do anything with it, mind you, but I did take note of it, which I guess is a start. I have checked my email and called my mother to let her know I am home and alive. (She is now most appreciative of that last part, possibly because mom met her first zombies on Saturday at ConCarolinas.) Anyway. Concarolinas was STUPENDOUS because of all you guys. David and I sat at the MW party on Saturday night and watched you guys with amazement. MW has become a community. All we did is open a door, tell you some cool stuff, and let you into the weird world of writing as we see it. But you? You made it a community. I am honored to be part of you guys. Totally and completely honored. Despite the pranks, of which I have not a single photo, dang it.

Now I am going to gather up my thongs and admire them. (For you who did not attend the Con, you will just have to sit and wonder.)



7 comments to The Day Of

  • Well put. Great weekend. Missing all of you already.

  • A. R. Gideon

    This weekend was one of the best of my life. I especially loved the thong cookies at the party on saturday xD. I loved getting to meet all of you and hang out. Can’t wait for next year.

  • It was a great time at the con. How many thongs did you end up with?

  • mudepoz

    You mean that party was for MW and not my retirement party. I am seriously put out!
    Theresa, I didn’t keep count of all the thongs. There were 24 Thong cookies for sure. One of my erotica writer friends had one and someone dressed as Waldo came in. It was great to post on her board that I knew where Waldo was, he was staring at her thong.
    A prank within a prank, my favorite. I forgot to mention it to Faith!

  • Because it’s what I say all the time: HUZZAH!!!!!

  • :: slinks back to desk, resumes writing ::

  • Megan B.

    I live too far away to attend the con, but I agree that this is a great community. This seems like a good moment to mention my idea/request… How about a Magical Words forum? I’d love to be able to chat more with the other readers here. 🙂