Reprise Pivotal Scenes


Dahlonega Literary Festival last weekend was a blast! I got to meet Vyton!!!! (waves) It is such fun to meet MW folks and I have to say — we are everywhere!

And Kelly and Amy and Virginia, and I saw Lauren Scribe and Raven and spent some time with AJ and with Aleta. It was a LOV-ER-LY Con all the way around.

This is the last week for the ugly bad piece and the revised piece I put on the site for exercise and critique. See here: 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the versions you guys put up and and I’d like to do some more pivotal scene examples and exercises — if you want them. So let me know. And play with the exercise. I am still dropping in and saying hi and making suggestions on it 🙂  



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  • Never went back and messed with mine again. Hatching a grand scheme…

  • Want to make sure I understand — you wanted to fix some more, yes?

  • Thank you so much for the feedback, Faith. In my rewrite of the scene I focused on being concise (because concise is not my natural state) but now I definitely see how I can clarify the setting and add to the emotional impact with just a little bit more description.

    And I for one would love for you to offer some more pivotal scenes and exercises!

  • Oh, I had, but got busy working on tales while channeling Lovecraft and Poe. And those two guys are exhausting! 😉

  • Vyton

    Faith, it was great to meet you! (Waves back) You were fantastic on the panels. I don’t see how you have the stamina for all that. Amazing. I’m still working on my version of the exercise, so I will put it up later. I’m really interested in more exercises like this.

  • sagablessed

    Um, hate to be a kill joy, Faith, but you really need to ask?
    From all of you. These exercises and following critiques help so much when it comes to the actual craft of writing. So yes, please, and not just from you. I understand we need to know the business side, but those snippetts you guys have us do, with the follow-ups have taught me far more than just blogs. I LOVE these things. Also reading how others re-tell a story helps me understand how and why I write as I do. Plus gives me ideas how to improve. I hope my contributions do the same for others.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Now, I have to work on getting to a Con so I can see you and DAvid and Lucienne again, lol.

  • TwilightHero

    What sagablessed said. A resounding yes to more exercises 🙂

  • quillet

    I will second (or fourth) that. More? Yes, please. That was fun!

  • Good to know. I’ll pass along the comments to the others, y’all!