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I am so very sorry that I am late! I thought I had uploaded my post but it isn’t here! Arg! And then the cable went out and has been off and on all day! The cable guy will be here later, they said…  Apparently much, much later.

So here is it, very late and slightly revised.

David and I have been talking about PR and blog hops—the stay-at-home-on-your-PC-while-you-work kind. I mentioned that I had a PR team working on my blog hop for me, and I’d like to share what they did for Kicking It, the anthology edited by Kalayna Price and me. Here is the link to their site and the blog hop page:

This is not the final listing, as other people and other blogs are still signing up to be on the tour, but it gives you an idea of what we are doing. So, how did we do what we did? Well, first let me tell you that I have four releases in the two months. The final, revised release dates are:

Kicking It — Dec 3.
Cat O’Nine Tales (Audible) — Dec 10.
The Jane Yellowrock Companion — Dec 10
BLACK ARTS — Jan 7-2014.

My PR team is coordinating all the PR for all the books and releases. Back to KI PR…

First I came up with a set of 12 easy questions, sent them to each writer, asked for a bio and picture, social media info,  and a snippet from the story, as well as what book they want to pimp next. Not all the writers felt they could participate, but we still got (I think) seven out of nine writers to respond. And I was smart – I asked them to respond to the PR firm directly which cut me out of the picture and left me more time to writer.  That gave the firm a large number of Q&A to draw from, and the ladies took all that info and ran with it.

By the way – this is the cover of the anthology, and all the stories are urban fantasy with only one similar note: Boots.

Kicking It


Yep. Each story focuses in some way on killer, to-die-for, sexy or butt-stompin’ boots. Hence the cover. Now, I’ll be honest, I wanted the title (or subtitle) to be These Boots  Are Made for Stalking, but that got nixed. Instead they went with Tales of murder, magic and Manolos, which makes it sound all girly – not a bad thing in this market, I have to say. And it is a very sexy cover which makes marketing easier.

Anyway, back to PR.  I have one signing set up for December (for KI), and one for January for Black Arts (the next Jane Yellowrock novel) so far. Unlike my previous post explaining all the travel I once did to pimp a book, this is much, much, much less stressful. I can blog in my PJs.

And to that end, I will be revealing a new website here, next month, one designed to take PR about my character to a new level. (Yes, that’s me trying to be tantalizing. I’m pretty sure it isn’t working.) Meanwhile, I want to list a few of the blogs I’m doing for Jane’s newest release.

Some blogs are about me, because for some reason that I will never understand, people are interested in me, as a person and as a writer. And some are about Jane or Beast or even other characters.

  1. A street team interview with Lee Watts about the Beast Claws. (Yes. I have a street team.)
  2. Kitchens and Cooking for the Busy Writer
  3. Top Ten Reason to Read Jane Yellowrock.
  4. 100 Q&A by me and 20 Q&A by Carol Malcolm. (These will go out to 20+ midsized and smaller blogs)
  5. Meal Memories – My Favorite Memory of Eating.
  6. Canals of the Deep South
  7. IGMS interview for this month’s issue.
  8. Trip Report to the Lion Sanctuary

And no, that isn’t all, but it’s getting a bit long and I have other things to share later on about PR, so I’ll stop here. Ask me questions about blogging or PR or even other stuff…. I’ll try to answer.



6 comments to PR Yet Again

  • mudepoz

    I’ll let someone else explain about the Claws, but I want to say one thing.
    I’ve done a lot of difficult things in my life. Seriously difficult.
    Nothing can compare, not my employment, not my education, not my life, to having a large amount of delicious smelling signed paperbacks sitting in my office waiting to be packaged for prizes and NOT BEING ABLE TO READ THEM.

    I deserve 10%. Seriously cool stuff.
    That is all.

  • “So you’re part of a gang?” asked the hubs.
    “Not exactly…” 😉

    I have a question. How do you decide which blogs host you, or does that not factor in? Originally I hesitated before offering because I didn’t think mine was prominent enough. Mud changed my mind, of course, but I was curious. (I’m now penciled in for December 6th.) Do you ever find yourself having or wanting to say no?

  • mudepoz

    (we won’t let her:) ) And I can get away with a lot since my partner isn’t here. Who, I might add, I met on the Beast Claws. She lives about 20 minutes away. Weird. Some of you might know her as Drey’s Library.

  • LOL, Mud. Yeah, it’s a hard life. Ya’ll, while lurking here on MW (and getting a book sold. Yep. She did) Mud has started a PR agency with Audrey Salick, and they run my PR business now. I am their first client. And they are very good. Well, except for the urge to steal the prizes…

    Laura, I am happy to do most any blog, but I admit that having LTPR to do the sending and the querying and and dividing up of the blog and Q&A material makes it much easier. Otherwise, if I was going it alone, yes, I’d say no often just out of exhaustion.

  • Wayne McCalla

    Hopefully does well enough to do a sequel…

    Kicking 2: These Boots Were Made for Stalking.

    Works for me!