This falls under the category of, “Oh, crap, it’s Wednesday and I forgot to blog.”

I came home from Dragon Con (Which was a blast, now that I am out of the dangerous overflow hotel and back home safe and sound) with piles of laundry, lots of un-done chores, a filthy house and no housekeeper—again. I promise I don’t kill and eat them and I am really nice to them. But they don’t stay long. Also there was a book to finish (for which I requested and received a 2 week extension, yesterday) and even more family health problems, but I digress. My point is this. Cons are wonderful and fun and exhausting and fun and did I say fun? (Waves to all the MWers we saw there!) FUN! But real life goes on around us and when we all get home (fans and writers of all kinds) life is still there, waiting, with a barbed fork to torture us with.

Yesterday, the first morning home from Dragon Con, I started the PR blitz and blog tour for Have Stakes Will Travel and Death’s Rival. HSWT, an e-book compilation, came out yesterday, along with a short story set in the anthology An Apple For The Creature, featuring Charlaine Harris. Just so you know, HSWT is a group of shorts and the first two chapters of Death’s Rival, and while it’s a book on its own, it is also PR for the novel due out on Oct 2. I was terrified yesterday. I was afraid to look at my numbers. Petrified, actually.

I keep asking myself, “Will the numbers be as good on Death’s Rival?” And to torture myself, yesterday I read the 3 one start reviews for Raven Cursed on Amazon. And then called David Coe and told him what I’d done. It was like a drunk going to bar, getting sloshed, and then calling for help to not drink. Dumb. But I couldn’t help myself. Seriously. Could not. To keep myself from imploding even more yesterday, I concentrated on PR. And I finally looked at my numbers.

They were…they were pretty good. HSWT has been as low (on Amazon paid) as 380, at 8 am this morning, and AAFTC has done even better. (The wind hitting your house is the huge sigh I released, BTW.) You might think that would be enough. Yet, I am still terrified. The book is out in 6 weeks. Six weeks for me to worry and second guess myself. I can’t do anything but worry and concentrate on PR.

My PR person, Adonna Pruette has put together something like 30 blogs and interviews and events for next 6 weeks, and has been pushing and cajoling me to *get them to me now!* for a month. The blitz started with a blog run by a guy I really like, Bryan Thomas Schmidt. If you are interested to take peek, here it is. http://bryanthomasschmidt.net/2012/09/04/interview-deaths-rival-jane-yellowrock-100-qa-tour-of-faith-with-faith-hunter/. I have more this week. And that pesky deadline due soon. See what I mean about life going on? 🙂

And yet I lovelovelove my job! Love being a writer. Love doing all the things I’m doing, even the stuff that isn’t strictly being creative on the page. Love the PR and the releases and the family stress and illness that I have to help with, and love the support of my fellow MWers who help me get through. So. That’s the blog today. Part of the Life of a Writer. Panic and joy and delight and worry and creativity.

Just sayin’


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  • This falls under the heading of “See? Even New York Times Bestselling Authors Have Moments of Self-Doubt.” We’ve all done what Faith did yesterday — read the bad reviews, obsessed over them, even though we had to wade through 15 great reviews to find a couple of bad ones. The great ones mean nothing in these crazed moments; they might as well have been written by our mothers or spouses. The only ones that count are the ones that slam us. It is a sickness that is unique to artists, academics, professionals, laborers, and other humans who possess a pulse. Praise is easy to forget; criticism sticks. Faith’s new e-book is doing great, and will garner terrific reviews. Her next Jane Yellowrock book (coming soon!) will do great and will garner great reviews. And still she will worry. Because in this business you really can never stop worrying.

    Now, I have some reviews to read. Why’d that person only give THIEFTAKER two stars . . . ?

  • I always read the three star reviews when picking books to buy. They seem the most likely to be objective and give both the good and bad of a book. Not always, but quite frequently. If you want a decent review of what might be missing or strong in your book, check those next time you get a masochistic streak. Five and four stars gush, two and one stars lambast. However, the one, two, and three star reviews made my decision to pick up The Faded Sun trilogy from CJ Cherryh, and I was glad they did. I enjoyed it immensely. If it hadn’t been for their negatives based on what it was they wanted and didn’t get, I wouldn’t have found a book I really enjoyed. 😉 So sometimes, negative reviews are a good thing. 😉

    Never let negativity diminish you. Even for a moment. 🙂

  • David, you were a saint yesterday. I muddled through it, got a massage and saw the chiro today, and will have a beer later on. I’m surviving. But I must say, release week is always awful…

    Daniel, I too read the 3 star reviews, and have gotten some really good ideas for changing things in the series. But the five stars are seductive especially when I am feeling fragile. Like yesterday. Except that yesterday I tortured myself instead of being seduced. Yes. I can spell STUPID.

  • quillet

    Okay, you just won the Best Title For A Blog Post award. After I read it I, er, had to wipe off my screen a bit.

    I’m glad — and encouraged — that even after a fragile day of self-torture, you can get up the next day and lovelovelove being a writer. In fact, that sounds like a good mantra. I lovelovelove being a writer. I lovelovelove being a writer…

    Thanks for sharing that with us! 🙂

  • I couldn’t help it, I went and read your 1 star reviews too. They must make you feel a little off. But I think, given some distance, you could easily read between the lines for positives. All three reviewers for example have bought and read your other books, so that’s nice. They also sort of indicated they’d buy the next one to see if it is more to their taste, so that’s also nice.
    Like playing with a loose tooth or picking a scab I can’t wait to read my 1 star reviews because it will have meant someone has read my work.

    Swallow the conflict and let it drive you to greater things.

  • Hi Quillet. It isn’t always easy, but it *is* the best job in the world. 🙂

    SJohn, I have always believed that what does not destroy me leaves me broken and bleed– uh — makes me stronger. LOL