Two Posts….Hey, It’s My Day, Right?


Post One… 

My alter-ego had a signing for her newest book, Sleep Softly.  The signing was great, BTW, but that is not why I am posting.

I came away with one of C.E.’s (Catie’s) and one of David’s (which was on the top shelf, face out even before I got there b. I also pre ordered the next one of Catie’s, told all the booksellers how wonderful she is, made her several new fans, and….*drumroll*… I saw Misty’s book.

There is nothing quite like seeing a writer with her first book in hand, getting to hold that first book, and knowing it is wonderful.  What total fun!



2 comments to Two Posts….Hey, It’s My Day, Right?

  • Thanks, Faith! Hope you enjoy the book. And I’m glad to know it was face out. That’s very cool.

  • Back in the 80’s I worked in a bookstore, and always spent more of my paycheck than was wise buying books. Looks like life as a writer is going to be about the same – go to my own signing and come away with new books by other people! *grin*