not an official post. but….


I know it isn’t an official post day.

And I am so tired that I can’t think, let alone spell, so if you spot typos, forgive me. First time I wrote that it read — if yu spat tupas…


But I just had to rave about David, Misty and the con. I met great people (see more later), felt so very much at home, and had a total blast. On Saturday night, David and Misty and I, and couple new friends, (see parenthetical clause above) were on a panel. It started at 10 pm.  We were 13 hours into the Con day at that point. And we were slaphappy. Giggling until we cried. Hard to breathe. Couldn’t talk. And the best part? The attendees were right there with us, laughing like mad.

We retired to the bar after to decompress. One drink apiece. We were all good. Really.

The best time I have had at a conference ever!  *Ever!* 

For all the Charlotte area folk who came out to join us, you rock!

More later from all of us. And I have to add, the guest panelist on Friday was there too. Gail was a blast!




4 comments to not an official post. but….

  • And the next morning was not any better – the laughter continued into Sunday mornings panels as well. Which just made it so much more fun!

    I’m whipped, and yet I can’t wait until next year!

  • Vikki Perry

    I was there and we had a great time too! Thanks for doing it.

  • One of the best cons I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to lots. Great seeing Faith and her hubby, Misty and her family, Gail, Ed Schubert, and many others. And wonderful, wonderful attendees who made those panels so much fun.

  • Hi Vikki.
    We are delighted to *see/meet* you here too.
    I hope we gave you food for thought, inspiration, and laughter. And we all hope you enjoy reading our books!
    Hmmm. Sorry…plug plug plug…It is still in my blood.