Muses and Deadlines


Miz Misty is posting this for me… Isn’t she a sweetie! And why am I not posting my own blog? Because my muse and my deadlines got together and …well… read on…

Deadlines loom over me like a sabertooth lion, all teeth and fangs, poised on an overhanging ledge, ready to pounce. It makes me edgy and, well, I need to take off time to relax just to be able to write. Take off time to relax in order to meet deadlines…? Counterintuitive? Yes. It is. But it is fact too. So that is the subject of today’s blog. The counterintuitive-ness of relaxation and how my muse fits in to it all.

First – muses.

I’ve told some of you about my muse. If you have forgotten what he looks like (though how you ever could, I don’t know) here’s the mental picture. He’s a hirsute, baldheaded, six-foot-four-inch-tall Texan with a beer-barrel-belly, wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and a red thong with pasties. He sits in a squeaky wood desk chair with his feet up and crossed at the ankles, resting on the top of an old fashioned, post-world-war-two, wooden desk, while smoking a cigar, drinking bourbon, and sharing his wisdom. His wisdom? It is usually something along the lines of, “Get back to work.” Oh – his boots are red leather. With roses stitched on them.

He brooks no slacking. He cusses with abandon. He sometimes throws things. Sometimes, to make me laugh, he twirls the pasties. His favorite food is pizza. On his desk are dead plants, empty pizza boxes and empty beer bottles. He badly needs a shave. And pants.

But today (which is Tuesday, because I’m writing this early), he is thinking about my deadlines. And he told me to take off tomorrow, which, as you read this, is today. He said to pack up the RV, take off for the mountains, and spend an entire day (Wednesday) on the Green River, relaxing. He told me to ride the two-man ducky and the kayaks down the river, rest, relax and enjoy. So I will. This means that I may not respond to any replies on the blog until Thursday morning. Why? Because I have a deadline. So I am leaving the house, leaving the PC, leaving the WIP, not taking the laptop, to relax.

I am sooo looking forward to it. But for now? Back to the PC. Back to a character who is so tough she scares me. Is she too tough? Too violent? For sure she needs a massage. Maybe a restful day on the river. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll take her with me after all. Just along for the ride, not for work.

Thanks, Misty, for posting this. And thanks for the day off! Hope all you readers are having a great day off too!



2 comments to Muses and Deadlines

  • Hope the day off rejuvenates you, Faith. And maybe it’s just me, but I think your character sounds pretty cool the way she is. The muse, on the other hand….

    Pasties and a thong? [Shudders]

  • Well, most of what I said was tongue in cheek, David. My muse serves the same putpose as the farting dog on the PC monitor. It makes me laugh, makes me relax enough to write, and it annoys the hubby (who rolls his eyes when I mention either).

    Muses are supposed to be what drives us to write, and that will be as vaired as each of us. And maybe it touches the deep parts in our souls that makes us write.

    My muse? Reminds me that unlike my day job, I can’t kill anyone when I write. Any mistakes can be erased at the touch of a key. It isn’t written in stone. It’s…fiction. Telling lies for fun and profit.

    My muse? He’s fiction.