Making Money Mondays — Kindergarten!


Dragon Con is going to happen in a world that is changing, is more dangerous, more confusing, and more problematic than ever. We have homegrown terrorists who hate anyone who is having fun, we have lunatics with guns and explosives and cars they want to use as weapons.  We have factions within fandom and without. We have STUFF!

And that means we need to take it all back to basics. Back to the past, to our very earliest lessons. Let’s take it back to Kindergarten!!!!  Let’s all remember our kindergarten rules (updated for the grownup world of today)!

  1. Keep your friends close.
  2. Never walk away with a stranger.
  3. Eat and drink with friends, not strangers. If strangers become friends, keep your old friends with you.
  4. Hold hands to keep together when walking anywhere crowded.
  5. Wash hands with soap and water.
  6. Brush your teeth.
  7. Keep clean (bathe or shower).
  8. Know where you are.
  9. Know how to get back to your safe place (hotel).
  10. Keep your room key and badge safe.
  11. Keep your money in a safe place.
  12. Know how to get out of your hotel room and to a different safe place. (Have an exit plan.)
  13. If someone (person, people) looks bad (suspicious) find a policeman (security) and report it immediately.
  14. If you see unattended bags, report it to security.
  15. Be nice. But be safe.
  16. Have fun. But be safe.
  17. PARTY! But be safe.



2 comments to Making Money Mondays — Kindergarten!

  • And a codicil to numbers 10 and 11 – It has never happened to me or to anyone I know personally, but I’ve heard of people yanking badges off of congoers and running. So don’t keep your money/debit card in your badge holder.

  • Razziecat

    I would like add one more: If you see someone in trouble, alert security. I’m thinking of things like women obviously being harassed, someone who appears to be drunk or sick or otherwise “out of it”, lost kids, etc. Let security know because it’s probably safer than doing anything yourself (except in emergencies – use your best judgement).