Making Money Mondays — a Day Late and a Dollar Investment


Yes, I know it isn’t Monday, but Misty kindly announced the *Big News* yesterday and that gave me another day to put this together. That news? The e-anthology TRIALS, to be followed soon by TRIBULATIONS, went up for pre-order on Monday.

Making money means an investment — in time, creativity, sweat equity, and sometimes an outlay of money. To invest money in the book/e-book market, you have to have a clear goal(s) in mind, a plan for recouping the outlay, the ability to put it all together, and a way to advertise. You also need the right people (writers, editors, publisher, PR person). All this has been covered by others in previous *How to Anthology* posts, so I am avoiding going over well-trod ground. Instead, I want to tell a little about my decision making process for these anthologies — the answers to why I did all this.

The Rogue Mage series was never finished. I had planned a four book series, but sales were not fantastic. Not bad by today’s market, but not list-making. It was a slow growing series rather than a flash-in-a-pan series. That said, the fans were loyal and determined to have more of the world of Thorn St. Croix. So at a time when I had more energy, thought I had more time, and had fewer elder-care issues, David B Coe and I approached the publisher of Bella Rosa Books and asked him to consider starting a new line for that small press, David asking him to reissue The Children of f Amarid series (now out in e-book and trade, {the first e-book is now on sale. Go buy!}). I asked about doing two anthos in the Rogue Mage series.

It was an expensive risk for the publisher, but he agreed to all our hopes and dreams, starting the fantasy line Lore Seekers Press. However, that meant that I had to handle all the aforementioned jobs. First I went to my agent (who had always LOVED the world) and asked two things. 1. Would The Knight Agency handle contracts and disbursements? (Yes they did.) 2. And would she like to put a story in. (Yes she did. Lucienne Diver’s story is in the upcoming TRIBULATIONS and it is fantastic!)

Next, I talked to the editor and co-writer of the role playing game ROGUE MAGE RPG, and both wanted in. Spike Y Jones as editor and writer, and Christina Stiles as writer. Then I began to search for like-minded people to participate in the anthologies. The emphasis was on like-minded and search. Lucienne and I personally asked each of the writers to participate. They each received pro-rates for the stories. The editor was paid by the word. As I said — expensive. But EXCITING!

I loved all the stories. I agreed to put in all the fiction content from the RPG, plus two new novelettes, one in each antho.  This gave a boost to the role playing game and to the series. And now? (Fist pump!)

Pre-order links for Rogue Mage Anthology #1 TRIALS went live yesterday. (No. I didn’t announce here on the blog because — well — nervous!) Pre-order links for #2 TRIBULATIONS, goes live in about 2 weeks. If you love Thorn St. Croix, and you want to see more of her and her world, buy both and give the series a boost. Cover and links below!

TRIALS is already a HIT!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,931 Paid in Kindle Store

  • #12 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies & Short Stories
  • #14 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies
  • #14 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy


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