Life and Desire


Hi All. 

I desired to write a really good post about how to get ready to push a book. How to work with your company’s PR department  (if they have one) to set up a plan. What to do if your company doesn’t have one. How to contact blogs on your own. How to hire a PR firm if you want (from paying for a huge push, to just paying for them to approach some well known blogs for you). Lotas things.

Then life happened. Mom spent the last two days in hospital after some major passing-out/dizzy/woozy/white-between-the-ears days, (yes that last one was weird, but my mom is not an ordinary woman) and yesterday got a pacemaker.

To say I am wiped out is an understatement. So you’ll get this next time I am up. Meantime, remember that spending time with family and the people you love is most important. Even more important than writing. (I know. Sacrilege, right?)

So. Spend a half minute thinking about the people in your life who mean something to you. Those here with us now and those passed on. And allow your soul to give a moment of thanks to whatever you believe in (or the universe, because thanks is universal and the universe is in us) that those people have been part of your life. Maybe take minute and send off a message to them or make a call. Maybe even mend a bridge or two. Because once they are gone, they are lost to us. Not making a point about any afterlife message. Just that life is precious. And time is not ours to control.

Hugs all around.



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  • sagablessed

    My dear Faith, saw this on FB. I am so glad she came out alright. No, it is not sacrilege. Without our friends and family, we have nothing. Even if you become the next King or Hemingway, if you have no loved ones, your soul is empty.
    Spend time with your mother. Re-fill the Well of life. And be well.

  • And hugs back to you m’dear. Please tell your Mom that I am thinking of her and wishing her well. Thinking of you, too.

  • Ken

    Hugs right back at you, Faith. Sending the best of vibes your way for you and yours.

  • Faith, *hugs back*! I too am sending good vibes.

    And now I have a long-overdue letter to write to my great aunt.

  • Lots of love and good thoughts to you Faith! I totally agree that family–from the ones we’re born to/with to the ones we make–are really important! Take care!

  • I hear ya, and it’s always tough when loved ones go through these things. My wife spent a week in Indiana recently with her dad who had valve replacement surgery. My health has been going into the toilet for a couple weeks now and I’m trying to change specialists so that I can be around a while longer for my girls. Last year, my mom had some of her pancreas removed due to cancer and I wished every day that I could be there with her, but I don’t have the money for a trip to Reno. She got through, but I worried the whole time.

    Take care, and we’re thinking of you.

  • Thanks all. Mom is home and I need a nap! 🙂
    More coherent stuff later, I promise.

  • Glad to hear your mom is home! You’re right in that sometimes life needs to come first, over writing and/or the paying job (if those aren’t the same). Take care.

  • I’m so glad your mom is home and recovering. I hope you’re recovering too! You’re both in my prayers.

  • Vyton

    Best wishes for your Mom’s recovery. And yours.

  • Razziecat

    Faith, you are so right! Loved ones are precious, family and friends. Glad your mom is okay. Get some rest and be well! And let me add that I appreciate, so much, all the effort that goes into this site…the people who run it and the people who comment on it are precious to me. Take care, everybody!

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. I love you all! You are my online family. 🙂

  • quillet

    Beautiful, Faith. Hugs to you too and best wishes to your mom. And I second what Razzie said!