Getting Creative for PR


PR in today’s market is both easy and difficult, and yes, I am fully aware of the contradiction in terms. It’s easy, because we have access to all sorts of social media. It’s hard because there is so much social media out there that it’s difficult to stand out amidst the crowd of authors who are releasing books.

I have four (count em. Oy) four releases between Dec. 3 2013 and Jan 7. 2014. KICKING IT 

Kicking It

(antho, co-edited with Kalayna Price) will be out first, on Dec 3. On Dec 10, the Audible release of CAT O’NINE TALES, jane1 with exclusive content will be out, and on that same day, ROC’s THE JANE YELLOWROCK COMPANION will be out, also with new content. That’s a lot of releases. You gotta see the covers, ‘cause I’m just so excited about them all!



Then, to make my world more interesting, BLACK ARTS, the seventh book in my current series, will be released on Jan.7. 2014. On that same day, several other, better known writers, who publish in my sub genre, also have releases. I like some of these writers. I like their work. I read and buy their work. But I want to stand out in the field. (Final cool cover.)9780451465245_large_Black_Arts

So my PR team  ( — Let’s Talk! Promotions) and I had to get creative. They suggested that I try something different, something web-related that they (nor I) had heard of before. Okay, they pushed and prodded until I did that something different. PR is hard. Sue me.

But I have to admit that their idea was so different, that I feel all sorts of tickled / delighted / proud of it, and at the same time trepidatious / worried / antsy about it. More contradictions, I know.

I, the writer, brought something that was fictional in my fictional character’s world, into my real-life world. Jane Yellowrock is the main character in my current series, and she hunts down and kills rogue-vampires for a living. In her world, rogue-vamps drink down, drain, and kill (and sometimes eat) humans, because they are hungry predators gone wild. There should be a film, right? Anyway, because she lives in a close approximation of our world, Jane has a cell phone, email, and a website.

For the seventh book, I had my marketing manager and web-guy, Mike Pruette at Creative Dragon Designs  create … (drum roll anyone???)

Please consider this the big reveal of

Whoot! Mike did the work, and my PR team, Lets Talk Promotions did the suggestions. Why didn’t I do it myself? Because I already work 80 hours a week, and learning how to put together a website is simply something I don’t have time for, don’t have an interest in, and is something that  Mike can do much better than I can.

Take a look and let me know what you think. And if you are in the mood, share with your social media. I mean really. This is cool, right? 

The point here, is that you have to get creative not just about your words on the page, but also about the PR you do. Misty  dressed like a pirate for MADKESTREL. David tried on a tricorn. 🙂 And he did lots of blogs, like I’m getting ready to do. Most writers hit Conferences, blogs, and then try to find something to make them stand out.  What will yours be?



20 comments to Getting Creative for PR

  • That page is so cool! 🙂
    If ever our Knychtspelle books go, I’d like to have a webpage for Eisteddfod University, where Deor teaches. Not that faeries really would have webpages, but I’d love to have one. With a page for the English department. Maybe even application information. I’m sure it would drift to satire, but hey, wouldn’t it have to? The book does on occasion.

  • sagablessed

    Neat-o website!! Had to share on FB.
    I admit, I suck at PR and socializing. Total introvert here. Utterly clueless what I would do.

  • Pea Emily, yes! I Think that would be a great way to utilise the web for PR.

    Saga, I started out the worst introvert ever. I was the kid who stood in the corner with her head down so no one would make eye contact. Not now. (rolls eyes) For introverts, the web is the way to go! None of that pesky eye contact, no having to make small talk. Just chatting in your PJs. 🙂

  • mudepoz

    Hehe. I’m only an introvert at big parties.

    Let’s see. you could hire Let’s Talk! Promotions to help you with your PR and socializing. Look at the lovely job they do convincing someone with what might be the hardest head in the south to do things. It took Faith over a YEAR to start her Street Team. It only took about 6 months for the website. I think. We were talking while I was weeding the garden, so it wasn’t that long ago.

    George has his own blog. Of course he does, every egotistical basset hound familiar has to.

  • (rolls eyes) It’s finding the time to start new stuff…. (whines) It’s haaaarrrrd.

  • mudepoz

    You know, you could use that big room over there with that thing called a bed? Scrap it, turn it into a greenhouse, and think of all the extra time you’ll have.

    You’re getting easier to coerce.

  • Love the website — very cool. And I love the art work as well. Congrats on all the upcoming releases — 2014 is going to be a huge year for you. Very exciting.

  • Jo

    Woohoo!! So glad that cat is finally out of the bag! And as the owner of a cat that at least thinks he is part Maine Coon, well, can’t imagine him in a bag, of any size! Lol!

    The website totally rocks, kudos to all involved! Can’t wait for people to start trying to hire Jane! It is all very cool!

  • Mud, already been there, thought about that, decided sanity is not overrated and decided to keep the bed.

    David, I can hope!

    Jo — LOL, yeah, it’s hard to keep this one under wraps. And Oy… Yeah, I am sure that will happen…

  • Fantastic website, Faith! Shared on FB. Hm, think we can recommend it on Yelp? 😉

  • Laura, we can always try! 🙂

  • sagablessed

    Of course, as I LOVE to cook, I might make a special cake or tort in honor of the book. A hazelnut-cherry torte with dark chocolate crust and sweetened marscapone with vanilla beans.

  • sagablessed

    hey, she said get creative. 😉 When the book get published, the recipe comes with.

  • Nathan Elberg

    That’s really funny. Has the SEC vetted your offering? “Securities” are their domain. I especially liked the motto “have stakes, will travel.” When I worked as a professional anthropologist my business card said “have pen, will travel.”
    On a more serious note, is this a web site you want people to keep coming back to? Will you be adding posts, etc., or is it static? I tear my hair out weekly to come up with appropriate provocative, intellectual posts for my novel’s site You already have a large following, so your site has a different function than a newbie’s site.
    My compliments. It’s very creative.

  • love the site. Will spread the word!

  • Saga, that is a great idea! Include food in your books and then offer the recipes on your website. You know, a love scene with that torte … then how-to. Of the food, not the love scene. That should be enough how-to alone.

    Thanks, Nathan. Mike worked hard on it. I just asked for things and gave approvals. 🙂

    Thanks, SS! 🙂

  • Vyton

    Faith! Great web site. Great idea. Hope you get lots of business. Hope the releases go really well.

  • Pretty cool, Faith. I like it!

  • Vyton and Misty, thanks!

  • What an awesome idea to have a website for Jane and the boys – I just went there, and I have to say, I love the Kill page and the Testimonials – brilliant!!! I’ve also added you to my Facebook as well. Good luck on this new PR idea – very, very creative!