Faith Chained to the Wall. Or – The Insanity of Multiple Releases


Some of you may want to know what a slice of life is like for a writer with a book ready for release. I thought I’d share. And if this happens to be cathartic for me and terrifies you, well, um, sorry. Sorta.  😎   I am manic, and not manic depressive, but just manic. Too much is going on and I don’t have enough time or physical stamina to make it all happen with grace and aplomb. In fact, I don’t have enough time or physical stamina to make it happen with clumsy, gawky, gaucheness.

I think my head might explode. No, really. It might just swell up and detonate with a sonic blast that takes out all the windows in my writing room. And makes a nasty mess. Because, you see, this is release time. For reasons I can’t make sense of, I have four—count ’em, four—releases in the next four weeks. Three releases this week. THREE! This week!

Mind you, I am *not* complaining. It is amazing. I love it all!

But there is a reality that faces writers at release time. I have to do PR for it all, while meeting a deadline for Part Two of the Rogue Mage RPG and World Book, and getting the proposal ready for book … six? Is it six? … of the Jane Yellowrock series. Which
I have to start in 10 days to meet that deadline. And Raven Cursed will be out Jan. 3, 2012, to start all over again.

So far this week, I have done two blogs—wait. This makes it three blogs. Yeah. Three blogs, and Cat Tales has been released. I’ll put the links for the blogs at the bottom of the post if you are interested in reading them.

As I write this on Tuesday evening, Cat Tales is at number 31 and 52 in various Fantasy subcategories, and at #521 overall, all at
Amazon in the Paid Kindle store, and I am fielding angry letters from fans who can’t get the compilation in Canada or the UK. There was a snafu at B&N and the compilation has vanished from their list! Nook readers are clamoring. LOL Pretty nice problems to have, actually! But … deadlines are suffering.

In addition, CE Murphy and I *finally* finished EasyPickin’s the crossover novella we have been working on for over a year. It
goes live for fan purchases (only at our websites) on the 8th, for $1.99, and then live at B&N for Nook and Amazon for Kindle a week later for $2.99. I don’t have a link yet for it. My poor PR person and webmaster are scrambling to get the PayPal link up and the page built. The Hubby and I are answering questions all the way around.

OH! And the AKA Gwen Hunter—remember her?—has a limited edition release this week. His Blood Like Tears is available through the publisher (BellaRosaBooks) only for a short time, limited edition. Why short? Because a certain New York agent read and loves it and wants to offer it for auction. I’m not holding my breath, but the small press pub has agreed to hold off a general release until the agent sees what he can do. So I am signing books for the friends and family who want books (until they are gone). I have a stack nearby, with about five more to sign, but my poor handwriting is now unreadable so I thought I ‘d take a break.

Then, today, this Wednesday evening, I am *live* at PURLS for a three hour chat. I love these girls! You should drop by. It’s a load of fun! And men are welcome. Warning, it is an adult site and the ladies want to know about Jane’s love life. Or, more specifically, her sex life…

In addition to the things with timetables, somewhere in here I have to get SKYP set up for interviews. I have several phone calls to return. And I am reading/critiquing a pal’s manuscript, and learning how to use my Kindle Fire which was a Christmas gift from the Hubby. He got a new boat. (rolls eyes) Yes, we once again have 13 boats. *And* I have to read and implement the necessary things suggested in the PR letter by PR gal.

I realize that there wasn’t a lot to teach or share in this post. I’ll try to bring you something more interesting time! You know, more interesting than a writer with too much to do and not enough to time to do it all in.

See. Head exploding. If it splatters over your laptop or Ipad or phone, I am sorry. And laughing hysterically in that manic state I warned you about!


PS — My website is in the middle of a re-do also, but that is being done by professionals, not by me! Thank God!

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19 comments to Faith Chained to the Wall. Or – The Insanity of Multiple Releases

  • HarryMarkov

    I can see the need of a 2nd Faith to help you with half the projects and a 3rd Faith to sync the first two Faiths and make sure no one dies of hunger. I can’t give you an advice where to look for the proper genetic mad scientist, but you may have more luck kidnapping your doppleganger.

  • Mikaela

    I hoped that I would be able to get Cat tales, but thanks to georestrictions I can’t. sigh. I shouldn’t be surprised since the previous eSpecials was US only.
    I am glad to read that Easy Pickings will be for sale on your webpages, since that mean I can get it. ( Amazon thinks I should pay an extra 2 dollar, and BN doesn’t want my money at all.)

    Oh, and please don’t explode. I want to read Jane Yellowrock no 6. 😀

  • Julia

    Faith, good luck with everything and congrats on having so many projects to talk about! Sometimes I find that laying out all the tasks makes getting things done a bit more managable — so I hope that happens for you. 🙂

  • Ken

    So thaaats what they mean when they say “Be careful what you wish for….” 🙂

    Seriously, Faith, that sounds great. I’m pretty jazzed for you to have so much going on.

    Oh, and just pick a tree. Come up for air, and to take a look at the forest once in a while, but then just pick and tree and get it done and move on to the next. Good Luck 😀

  • Harry, that’s *it*! Kidnap my doppleganger. I can do that! But … what if she brings along just as many things to do as I have. *Double Exploding Brains*! LOL

    Mikaela, I am so sorry about the restrictions. The wonder agent Lucienne has been trying to sell the UK rights, but so far, no go.

    Julia, it does help to list the chores. But somehow I always leave out something. This week it was groceries. LOL We have no food in the house!

    Ken, I am jazzed too. It is a lot going on, but I am stopping to smell the roses. Or watch the birds. We have a great gray heron who has decided to spend the winter in the creek out back. *And* a the hubby saw a hawk on his morning walk. Maybe they’ll nest near by too. But not ear enough to want to feed on heron chicks.

  • Deb S

    You make a deal with the sparkle demon for fame and book deals, and what happens? Your head explodes. There’s always a price. 😉

    Seriously though, congrats on all your success. You’ve earned it.

  • KimHarrison

    You go, girl!

  • Yeah. I once made a deal with God, for a certain book. Living up to one’s vows is … interesting. 🙂

  • That *is* a lot to deal with, but it sounds like you’re managing the chaos well—things are at a *comfortable* level of crazy. Whee! Go Faith!

  • Comfortable level of crazy. Yeah! That says it. LOL
    B&N finally put the link back up for Cat Tales, too, which makes me very happy!

  • Wow, Faith. Congrats on all the releases. I hope that they’re all wildly successful. I’m particularly intrigued about Cat Tales and how that does. Sounds very cool.

  • David, last I looked, Cat Tales was at 742 overall in Paid Kindle. 74 and 42 respectively in sub categories. Interesting. I have no idea what it translates to!

  • Congrats, Faith! I can understand the insanity of all these things hitting so close together, but it just proves you are one prolific writer and you are *in demand* and I’m so happy for you!

  • Distribution rights by geography make a certain sense when a book needs to be printed on paper and shipped to shops and a local PR job done etc… But I find it increasingly peculiar to sell internet distribution rights by geography. is accessible to anyone with a net connection so why not sell to anyone who shells out? No, I don’t have the answer to the conflicting business models of physical good vs electronic service or I’d no doubt make it big. But you’ve got to wonder how the fans will get their copies if they can’t pay you for them…

  • EKC, I think it was more just the confluence of circumstances. Everything flowed downhill to this wek! LOL

    SJohn, Yeah, Intellectual Property rights law will have to become more fluid in the future, and I am betting tha a lot of publishers will demand English world rights to everything a writer has. We’ll see.

  • And I thought I was busy… 🙂 Congrats, Faith.

  • Wow. My head is spinning just from reading this. I can’t imagine the whirlwind in your head.


  • KimHarrison

    If it takes over a week for a simple congratulatory post to be acted on and taken out of moderation status, then I only hope it’s because someone doesn’t like me, because if this is the way that all new posters are treated, then no doubt it’s very hard to get repeat posters, much less repeat lurkers. Just saying . . .

  • Kim – I found the first one (buried under other posts) and approved it too, but it still hasen’t appeared here! Weird. But Thanks for the kind words.