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Yesterday was the last day of looking back to see where we came from, what we survived. Back then – back in last year – some of us cheated death, or lost family or friends to that evil. Maybe some lost jobs or pets or were forced to relocate or saw health deteriorate. Last year might have been hard on all of us.

That said, some of us had great successes, had health improve, found a place to live, saw families growing, found new jobs, got a loving pet, found a new love or a new friend. Even in the worst of times, there are the small joys.

But today is 1 – 1 – 2014. It’s the first day of a new year, and it’s time to look forward and to dream. Many of us have made resolutions and set goals and started the new year already at the keyboard pounding out a new story or finishing one that got away from us last year. For those of you who are starting the new year with us Magical Words, we have a dream to share with you.

Beginning in Jan 2014, we will be starting a slightly new format here at MW, bringing in new writers, new guest posters, (and making new friends) who might give our readers a new look at an old subject – writing stories. MW will still be a writing-based site, and we’ll still be offering all the cool info and we’ll still all share the great personal friendships we’ve developed, but we’ll be introducing something new too.

We’ve asked some great writers to visit with us for one day out of each week, for a month each. It will work it this way: writer William Smith will have Mondays, writer John Doe will take Tuesdays, writer Jane Brown will have Wednesdays, and writer Agatha Christie will take Thursdays. (Yes, I’m kidding about Agatha. The Grande Dame has been gone so long that her haunt has moved on.)  Some months we’ll have a guest writer for Friday’s too, but often, Fridays will be the day for the regulars to come back and chat with you. Then the next month we will usher in the next batch of writers.

Each writer will write:

1. A post on Character

2. A post on Plotting (or other craft related topic)

3. A post on their writing life (how they do it, why, or how they live and write and stay sane, that sort of thing)

4. An entire day about a new release, topic of their choice.

To get to know them better so you’ll recognize them at cons and discover new books you want to read, they will provide

5. Web-sized author pic, cover pic, and short bio

6. Social media info

Our hope is that readers will discover the joy of getting to know writers and that all the writers here at the site (yes, I mean the people reading this post) will find new writers to network with.

We have a list of writers scheduled, but not every month is full. So, I’d like to know – who do you want to see here at MW? Dream with us, but not just big names. I want to see some of your favorite not-so-well-known writers on the wish list. And tell me why you want them.

Oh. And because BLACK ARTS is out on the 7th, I’ll be one of the first month’s guests. You guys better be nice to me and make me feel welcome! LOL

Faith Hunter


24 comments to Dream On

  • Happy New Year! That sounds like some crazy awesome changes happening for the site. Best of luck with all of that. I can’t wait to see all the new authors showcased in the months to come!

  • Oh! As for authors I’d like to see:

    – Don DeBrandt / D.D. Barant because of his mystery-writing background, and how he incorporates urban fantasy into mystery for gripping stories

    – Jim C. Hines for how he tackles writing the other and incorporating non-standard characters, and also for how he has managed to twist fairy tales, and write about goblins and librarians

    There are others, too, but those are the first off the top of my head. 🙂

  • Jeremy Beltran

    Most of my favorite writers are here already but I’d like to see PN Elrod, Chloe Neill and Richelle Mead. All three are really good writers and I’d like to read their takes on those subjects. I also wouldn’t mind Jim Butcher as well. All of them have their take on the supernatural and I’d like to find out how they came up with their version of Vampires, Angels Demons, etc.

    Faith I am so ready for Black Arts. As soon as its released I’m getting my kindle and audible copies, in fact I restarted my audible subscription just to make sure I’d have the audiobook as soon as its released.

  • Faith, Happy New Year. And to all the MW family. This looks pretty interesting. All those writers from the federal witness protection program gathered on one blog. Wow. Good luck with it all.

  • Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to meeting lots of new author-folks in the new year!

  • Ken

    Happy New Year! This sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m really looking forward to meeting the new authors.

    Folks I’d like to see here: Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine to take a peek into how two people manage to write a single book so well.

    Scott Lynch because I think being able to write a rogue is an essential skill 🙂

    There are loads more. I’ll keep thinking about it while I’m waiting for Black Arts to come out!!

  • I’m with Ken! Those are great suggestions.

    I’d also like to see:

    Richard Kadrey (I’ve actually got that request in motion, so cross your fingers)
    Kate Griffin (author of the Matthew Swift novels)
    John Hornor Jacobs (author of Southern Gods)


  • Marlie Harris

    Happy New Year!

    I would love to see more GLBT writers, such as Elora Bishop.

    Otherwise, all of the above are perfect!

    I love this place. It feels like home, if home had all your favorite authors who told you great tips every day. 🙂

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your time and knowledge. This new writer appreciates it!

  • Happy New Year, everyone! I love this idea, and am looking forward to meeting new authors. I like all the suggestions so far. I’d add Jocelynn Drake and Cherie Priest.

  • Hepseba ALHH

    Well this definitely is a cool new twist on things! Happy New Year!

    My votes:
    Lynn Flewelling – she is one of my very favorite authors *and* a guest post by her is how I found the Magical Words site originally! While her work has been praised by many, I’ve still not had the privilege of buying it in hardback. Plus, it would be really cool if she could offer any tips on writing characters of a different persuasion.

    And an author I’ve come across very recently whose work I’ve really enjoyed is Steve Bein, who writes combination Urban Fantasy/Historical Fantasy set in Japan. Perhaps some plotting tips on inter-meshing different time-lines?

  • Razziecat

    Happy New Year everybody!! Faith, this all sounds fantastic! My suggestions:

    Scott Lynch, definitely, not only for characters, but also plotting- his books are so full of incredible twists and turns, I’d love to hear a little advice on keeping track of multiple plot points;
    Carol Berg – partly for world-building, but mostly because she’s awesome 😀
    Jacqueline Koyanagi – on writing GLBT characters and plotting
    Rachel Aaron – on just about any subject
    Emma Bull – on characterization
    Sarah Monette – on adding aspects of horror to fantasy
    Neil Gaiman – on anything 😉

    Although frankly, any of these authors talking about pretty much any subject would interest me.

  • freedomstar57

    You might want to invite Vera Nazarian who runs Norilana books and writes and self publishes her own books.

  • Jeremy Beltran

    I’ve thought of another couple of authors, Christopher Farnsworth, his “The President’s Vampire” series made vampire’s monsters again instead of sexy, sparkly, and/or emo. He also has used urban legends as story ideas plus his MC is based on an actual newspaper article of a vampire pardoned by President Andrew Johnson.

    Steven Barnes is a science fiction writer. He has written several best selling novels including a Star Wars novel. I had the chance to meet him several years ago as he lived in my hometown at the time and I worked with his daughter. He gave me several helpful tips that eventually led me here.

  • TwilightHero

    Happy New Year, guys! Adding my vote for Scott Lynch 🙂

  • The new format sounds interesting, and I look forward to meeting even more awesome writers/editors.

    Scott Lynch

    Pat Rothfuss

    Brandon Sanderson

    I wouldn’t mind seeing even more writing business people such as editors or artists or agents. Each one can give new and different insights into the publishing industry.

  • sagablessed

    Happy New Years to all!! May 2014 bring us joy, money, and peace.
    Who I would like to see as a guest:
    Patricia Briggs because Mercy Thompson
    Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette to learn how they manage to collaborate, and how/why they pick their LGBT themes
    Christie Golden to learn about tie-ins vs independant work

  • Janet Walden-West

    I’ll second Jim Butcher and Jim Hines and add Darynda Jones – I love how all three incorporate humor so flawlessly but in completely different ways. Richard Kadrey, Elliott James and Christopher Farnsworth for their urban styles. Chuck Wendig and Jim Bernheimer for their takes on multiple genres and small publisher/indie publishing.

  • Hi ALL! A belated Happy New Year to everyone.
    May this year bring us money and publication and the joy of dreams fulfilled!

    Okay — From your list we have asked several, and not heard back from some. Also heard a few *No’s*

    Currently we yeses from: Dyrinda Jones, Rachel Caine, And (I think I saw a request for) Chloe Niell.

    Tonight I will hunt for: Jim C Hines (I have his email), and try to find the email for the *most* asked for author — Scott Lynch. Tomorrow, I’ll hunt for the contact info for some of the others. If YOU have contact info for a requested author, let me know at faithhunterbooks@gmail.com

    Blessed Be Your New Year!

  • peaster

    Great idea! Looking forward to checking in more faithfully (pardon the pun) to see the postings on writing. Loved the post by Chris, and left her a reply letting her know that. Good luck in tracking down the authors requested! Wondered if C.J. Cherryh was on that list or Kim Harrison (I’d love to know what her thought processes were in creating Jenks). Still, the list you showed will leave PLENTY of reading interest in future postings. Happy 2014, and I hope that your shining star goes pulsar 🙂

  • I would second CJ Cherryh, specifically for her writing style. Loved the Faded Suns trilogy and need to get more of her works. Michael J. Sullivan. Really got into Theft of Swords. He seems to have a lot of snark in his writing and might make for an entertaining guest.

  • Cindy

    I would be interested in seeing post from a contrasted set of authors.
    For example

    Jennifer Estep The Elemental Assassin Series
    Debora Geary A Modern Witch Series

    Mainly because of the huge diffence in their worlds from Jennifer’s dark urban fantasy to Debora’s urban fantasy lite.

  • Deerh

    Happy New Years to all!!
    Who I would like to see as a guest:
    Kim Harrison
    Eileen Wilks
    Tina Folsom

    I will enjoy any and all that you have no matter who it is.

  • NewGuyDave

    Happy New Year. I still love this site and asking the group for ideas is not only a great opportunity to breathe some new life into the current lineup, but a great way to get buy in from visitors. Kudos to MW.

    I’m hoping you can get Jim C. Hines and with luck maybe he can touch on writing humor, which I find very difficult.

    Good luck with Black Arts!
    – NGD

  • More great names, some with whom I am unfamiliar. Jennifer Estep is scheduled. I am waiting to hear back from Jim C Hines. I’ll get Misty and David to list the ones from the list that they got, those I may not yet know about. We will keep you informed!