DragonCon is Over.


I am way beyond exhausted, and earlier today moved into grouchy territory. Not unexpected.

The con was wonderful and stressful, difficult and fun. I didn’t have near enough time to visit with my friends. I tried all of the 5 days to find 30 minutes to talk to David about a future project, and there was absolutely no time. None. I tried to meet with a group for drinks, every single night, and got nowhere, because I had a panel at 10 pm every night. Drinks started in different hotels and that meant a walk to a hotel sometime after 11 pm, with a walk back even later. I’m not that energetic or that brave. There was time for a Magicalwords.com dinner, where we decided to continue the site and the ongoing posts (cue applause) and we talked about the book-selling booth and how to make it better.

I had panels with Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kennyon, Laurell K Hamilton, and a host of other names, all midlist writers like me. I saw stars begin to rise – D.B. Jackson’s, and John Hartness’, and James Tuck’s, to name a few. And of all the stars about to shine brightest is David’s. Seriously. He was the star of every panel he was on. I was very proud of him!

As to the panels that I was on, I have critiqued them and my part in them and have ideas how to make myself more saleable and con-friendly on them. That critiquing hurt, kinda like pulling off a Band-Aid and dumping salt on the wound, but it was needed. Most of my panels were wonderful and I did well on them. Mostly, I had fun. I got to talk to Jonathan Maberry and a bunch of other people. Out of the con, a mashup is in the works, one that got canned in 2012 and is now back going. And yes, big names are involved. (WHOOT!) David and I still plan a mashup. And I have plans for next year. Bigger and better plans.

I had moments of angst and a lot of emotional stuff to crawl over and through. It is seldom easy to do a big con. It can be difficult and emotionally wrenching. And all you can do when kicked is smile (through the broken teeth) and keep going and be your best self. Friends make it easier, of course, and I have many thanks to give David and Lee and Alison and John and all the others who hugged me after.

Oh, another thing that made the con fun and easier was the drunken hallway frolics of con-goers on the last night, as viewed through the security peepholes. Yes. I spent about 3 hours leaning against my hotel door, watching the antics and mating rituals of drunks in costume. Giggling. O.M.Gosh. Such fun.

Now I’m home, with my pack, and feeling more like myself and less like the professional Faith. The hubby took me out to dinner at IHOP and to Home Depot where I bought a new garbage can for the kitchen. Simple stuff. Freeing stuff.

As of 10pm Tuesday 9-3, I finally got rooms for DragonCon 2014. That means I will cancel my 6 rooms in outlying and non-host hotels. Yeah. I was that desperate. There is still time to get a room in the blocks set aside for the hotels, when they come open in October. The rooms will stay open for about 4 minutes before they are all gone. The con is that important if you have a book to push and if you can get onto panels and if you can get a hotel. Lotsa ifs.

But if you think you want to go to DC, then do. Find a way to make it happen at least one time. It can be fun if you have friends there to share with.

If you went to the con, what did you like best? Least? And will you go back next year?




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  • Welcome home! I could have written just about every word you wrote about the emotional friability and the exhaustion of con-going (although I wasn’t at Dragon Con!) I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep the site going!

  • I was jealous of all the update posts the whole weekend of Dragon Con. So I decided to go back next year. Booked a room at the Westin, where it looks like all the authors will be. Fun stuff! 😀 I’m looking forward to see y’all there next year.

  • I think 2014 will be a great year! We’ll need to get all of us together for one meal. 🙂

  • So jealous! My travel funding for 2014 is tapped out, but maybe with enough finagling I can make DC work for 2015. It’s beginning to feel like a pilgrimage – next year in Atlanta! (With apologies to my Jewish friends.)

  • sagablessed

    I might try to make it if I have enough after ConCarolinas.I remember the panels you were on at MarCon. If you did half as well at DragonCon, you should be proud, not worried. Just sayin. 😉

  • Saga, you will have fun at ConCarolinas, even if you don’t make the other. It was a great time, interesting road trip, fun atmosphere, and a nice place to visit. Hopefully I’ll get back to NC sometime soon. Not quite as spread out as MarCon, but just as big, if not a bit bigger. MarCon’s fallen off a bit the past several years.

  • Sarah, DC is real commitment, and it means less time with professionals, not more. You actually get more time with agents and editors at smaller cons. That said, a magicalwords.com dinner at DC would be spectacular!

    Saga, i did not do as well. I did okay, but not as well.

    Daniel, I hope to see us all at ConCarolinas this 2014.

  • Sounds exhausting but good! I’d definitely be interested to know more about what you and others think of as doing well (or poorly) on a panel. I know I have my own struggles and am always looking to learn how to improve!

    I also got a new kitchen trashcan today and it was a hightlight of the day!

  • Vyton

    Faith, this all sounds overwhelming as well as exhausting. It’s like you’re looking at a concrete truck and thinking, “That big mixer in the back with nine yards of concrete would be fun to ride around in for a couple of days.” Wow! And, I’m not sure about the efficacy of trash can gifting as recovery from such experience.

  • I don’t know…right now I kinda want a new kitchen trash can myself!

  • I am finally emerging from my post-con cocoon, peeking out to see if it’s safe to lift up my head again. Thanks for the kind words, Faith. I enjoy cons and panels and getting to talk about my work, but I am not naturally like that, and so afterwards I often hide away for a few days. Now I’m emerging again, reading through a manuscript that may see light of day sometime soon, doing some revising and polishing. I miss you and John and James and Lucienne and everyone else. But it sure is nice to be home.

  • Faith–a lot will have to happen before the end of the year for me to be there, but it would be cool to make it. We’ll see.