Do NOT Do This!


It isn’t my day. It isn’t my time. But………

This just came from one of my agents as what NOT to do….

Hello publicist,

            I am a starting author I have the two chapters of a book that I have started I don’t know who to contact in regards to maybe having it published. Someone had told me that there is a company that might give an advance for the copyrights is that so, does your company do that or do you know one that does. I have been writing different things for years actually a greeting card I gave to someone actually ended up in a card store the same thing I wrote I am not sure who I gave it to, but it must of been more than a card to them, please respond.


            Thank You ,sincerely  an aspiring writer John Doe

p.s. if you could e-mail me back with any suggestion it would be much appreciated




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